Exclusive Premiere: K’s Choice new single “Woman”

I don’t know about you, but I was in love with K’s Choice from the first second I heard Sarah Bettens‘ first “Ooh-ooh” on their hit single “Not an Addict.” The rock band is back as a brother/sister duo, with out frontwoman Sarah joined by brother Gert on their new album The Phantom Cowboy.

kschoice13_by_anton_coene_smphotos by Anton Coene

“This record had to have raw power and had to be fun from the first minute to the last…not too much mushiness and not too much second guessing,” Sarah said. “We recorded it the way we wrote it: fast, focused and unapologetic.”

When Sarah is not playing music, she’s working as a full-time firefighter, a job that she says “satisfies all kinds of desires.”

“It makes up for the missed opportunities I may have had because I never had a true college experience,” she said, “for having to grow up pretty fast in K’s Choice as a 20-year-old and for not having a sense of community outside of the band by traveling all over.”


We have the exclusive premiere of the song “Woman” from the upcoming album (out September 18th on MPress Records), which is available for pre-order now.