An ode to the wonderfully bad ass Ellen Page

Ellen, can you believe it’s only been two years since you made your historic coming out speech at the Human Rights Campaign Time to Thrive conference?

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After we all hugged the woman next to us with our legs in friendship, you headed out on a non-stop campaign of bad assery that leaves us breathless with admiration and swooning into our fainting couches.

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Now don’t be coy, you tiny Canadian! You’ve earned our undying love and devotion. If it wasn’t enough that you came out, loud and proud as a lesbian, you then went on to inspire so many. Truth inspires truth. Get it, girl.

tumblr_mp8pon1oos1s2wsdzo1_500Via cuddleninja.tumblr

Amen. But you didn’t stop there. Instead of passively letting Hollywood decide your fate, you took destiny by the horns, Madame producer. Freeheld, is coming to theatres this fall and without your passion for the project, the world may have never known the story of these two brave women.

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You will be the one of the actors who will turn the tide, and show Hollywood that being openly queer and a box office draw, aren’t mutually exclusive. I hope you will all the Oscars…and one for Julianne Moore, too.

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Exactly! So after making Hollywood a better place for everyone, you have decided to confront those who are vying for the Oval Office. And you aren’t even American! Damn, that’s dreamy AF.

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I bet Ted Cruz might just shed a tear the next time Juno airs on ABC Family. So, go on with your bad self, your producer credits, your GAY THEMED TRAVEL SHOW, your flannel shirts and skinny jeans. Your sharp mind and your giant heart. Your refusal to play by the old rules, politely, in the most Canadian way possible. You are ode-worthy. For today, as far as I’m concerned, I work for AfterEllenPage.