Hayley Kiyoko is passionate about another woman in her new music video

Hayley Kiyoko has done it again. After her wildly popular video “Girls Like Girls” (which has 16 million views and counting) now she brings us “Cliff’s Edge” which stars Hayley herself as one half of a queer couple dealing with some serious drama…and sexytimes. The video, which is super steamy, goes back and forth between the couple in love, and ostensibly breaking up. The lyrics also tell a tale of an all-consuming love:

“Closing in, closer to you
this could take all night.
Caving and crumbling on your
hips, your lips, they’re mine.”

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 10.25.00 AM

Yeah, that sounds about right. Gotta love that Hayley is once again using a queer couple in her video, which frankly, have been some of the most compelling and story-driven videos released by anyone as of late. Hayley also directed this video as well as the one for “Girls Like Girls.”