The Huddle: Our all-time favorite athletes

Since fall is abuzz with sports, we’re all about the athletes. Who is your all-time favorite?

Kim Hoffman: I don’t watch sports, so I’m going to be that girl who admits she doesn’t have a favorite athlete. If I look back at my all-time sports obsessions though it lands only in two spots: 1993 Chicago Bulls and the women’s gymnastics team (“magnificent seven”) at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. Kerri Strug inspired girls in my school to cut their hair short, which was awesome. 

World Gold Gymnastics Tour Press Conference

Lucy Hallowell: There have been so many women in sports who have inspired me over the years. My childhood heroes were often a mix of men and women who played hockey, baseball, soccer, and every other sport under the sun. It’s nearly impossible to pick a favorite from among those legendary characters who are forever tinged by the childhood wonder they inspired through being incredible athletes, kind teachers on the ice, and stars who signed my program or T-shirt.

I will leave those heroes to my younger self and pick my favorite athlete who is playing now. Megan Rapinoe is smart, articulate, funny, and well-informed off the pitch and impossible to ignore on it. When she gets the ball there is always the sense that she might make a spectacular play and she forces you to keep your eyes on her. Off the field, she has embraced being an out player, spoken out when she felt it was warranted, and moved the conversation simply by virtue of being out.
Honorable mention to Hilary Knight who is an incredible hockey player and who doing everything in her power to make the NWHL a viable option for professional women’s hockey in the U.S. 
Costa Rica v United States
Valerie Anne: I don’t watch real sports, generally, or even shows with sports in them, for that matter. Does vigilantism count as a sport? Because Sara Lance on the salmon ladder is everything. 


Elaine Atwell: I know we are probably supposed to pick someone who is marvelously feminist or queer, but as a Saints fan I have to say Drew Brees. I wish he was my father.

New York Giants v New Orleans Saints

Chelsea Steiner: As a former derby girl, I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shoutout to some derby all-stars. Women like Bonnie Thunders, Fifi Nomenon, Iron MaivenScald Eagle, and Suzy Hotrod are stone cold badasses and deserve just as much praise, adulation, and dolla dolla bills as any other pro athlete out there! And of course, my heart belongs to Team Vagine, the queer all-stars of RollerCon!