Lesbian and Bisexual-Owned Businesses You Should Support During our 2015 LezBiBuy


Last December we launched the first ever LezBiBuy, a day that encourages LGBT women to support their community by becoming patrons of lesbian and bi-owned businesses in a city near them. We were so thrilled by the participation around the nation last year, and hope to continue fostering that goodwill in 2015. On Saturday, December 5th, we’re asking that you visit your local lesbian/bi-owned business and spend a few bucks, whether it’s a gift for someone else or yourself.

We picked December simply because we know it’s the time of year when people are already planning to spend, and so we’re hoping that our community can be mindful that our own businesses are in desperate need of help. We have been losing women’s spaces at a rapid pace, and the only way to ensure these safe spaces will continue to thrive is to make sure we’re aware of them and by giving them our own hard-earned dollars.

This year we extended LezBiBuy to include online businesses as well (you can see them listed at the bottom), so if there’s nothing near you, you can still participate. Which leads us to the sharing of the experience via social media. On the day of, we’d love for you to share where and how you spent at a lesbian/bi business by using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #LezBiBuy. That kind of public love helps to shout out the good we’re doing and give even more visibility to the spots you are supporting. It’s beneficial on all accounts.

So check out the list below and make a plan for December 5th! If you’re a business who wants to get listed or offer any kind of deal to LezBiBuy shoppers, let us know!


Niffer’s Place (Auburn)
Barrister’s Tavern (Vestavia Hills)


Rainbow Cactus Saloon (Phoenix)
Cash Inn and Country Inn (Phoenix)
Antigone Bookstore (Tucson)
Bentley’s House of Coffee & Tea (Tucson)
La Cocina (Tucson)

Domestic Domestic (Little Rock)

Otherwild (Los Angeles)
Kurtew Photography (Los Angeles)
MudHen Tavern (Los Angeles)
Grub (Los Angeles)
The Honeybee Cakery (Morro Bay)
Gossip Grill (San Diego)
White Horse (Oakland)
Mama Bear’s Bookstore (Oakland)
Wholehearted Spiritual Healing (Los Angeles)
Optique By Cynthia and Christine (LA)
Hi-Tops (San Francisco)
Wild Side West (San Francisco)
Greasebox (Oakland)
Nickel Diner (Los Angeles)
El Rio (San Francisco)
The Unlikely Cyclist (Costa Mesa)
Wild Side West (San Francisco)
Show & Tell (Oakland)
Laurel Bookstore (Oakland)
Wig-Wag Dog Grooming (San Juan Capistrano)
Kipper Clothiers (San Francisco)
The Must (Los Angeles)
Childish (Santa Cruz)
Duroque (Los Angeles)
Yxtabay Jewelry (Los Angeles)
Ninezeroone (Los Angeles)
Saint Harridan (Oakland)
Stuzo Clothing (Los Angeles)
Kidsland (Los Angeles)
Good Girl Dinette (Los Angeles)
Knuckle and Claw (Los Angeles)
Yuca’s (Los Angeles)
Bling Bling Dumpling (Los Angeles)
N/naka (Los Angeles)
Pour Haus (Los Angeles)
Jar (Los Angeles)
The Anchor Venice (Los Angeles)
Cantalini’s Salerno Beach Restaurant (Playa del Ray)
Braise & Crumble (Pasadena)

Blush and Blu (Denver)
Little Brazil (Wheat Ridge)

Barracuda Bistro & Bar (New Haven)
Nurturing Hands (Hartford)
Framed (Hamden)

Lori’s Cafe (Rehoboth Beach)

District of Columbia
Phase 1 (D.C.)

Mangrove Mama’s (Summerland Key)
Southern Nights (Orlando)
Pulse (Orlando)
The Parliament House (Orlando)
Funky Monkey (Orlando)
Ritzy Rags (Orlando)
Garbo’s (South Daytona)
Rosie’s Bar & Grill (Wilton Manners)
13 Even (Wilton Manners)

Charis Books (Atlanta)
My Sister’s Room (Atlanta)
LeBuzz (Marietta)
Henry’s Midtown Traveler (Atlanta)
Urban Cannibals (Atlanta)

Sure Shot Cafe (Honolulu)
The Wine Stop (Honolulu)
HASR Bistro (Honolulu)
Coffee Talk (Honolulu)


Early to Bed (Chicago)
Feed (Chicago)
Jameson Loves Danger (Chicago)
Joie de Vine (Chicago)
The Closet (Chicago)
Logan Parlor (Chicago)

Zonies Closet (Indianapolis)
Royale Hair Parlor (Bloomington)
Tracy Price Nature (Seymour)
Walking the Path Counseling (Seymour)

Ritual Cafe (Des Moines)

Missy B’s (Wichita)
Our Fantasy Complex (Wichita)
The Store (Wichita)

El Mundo (Louisville)

Club Tribute (Metairie)
Swirl (New Orleans)
L Bar (Baton Rouge)
Corner Bar (Monroe)
The Nutrition Company (Mandeville)
Vom Fass (New Orleans)
A Place to Play (West Monroe)


A Wrinkle In Thyme Farm (Sumner)

The Watering Hole (Mount Rainier)
The Lodge (Hagerstown)
Sugar (Baltimore)

City Girl Cafe Inman Square (Cambridge)
The Foundry (Northampton)
The ShockYard Fitness and Social Club (Plymouth)

Artifex Detroit (Detroit)
Avalon Breads (Detroit)
Have Company (Grand Rapids)

Bryant-Lake Bowl (Minneapolis)
Pat’s Tap (Minneapolis)
Tiny Diner (Minneapolis)
Psycho Suzi’s (Minneapolis)
Red Stag (Minneapolis)
Barbette (Minneapolis)
Blue Moon Coffee Cafe (Minneapolis)
Hair By Erin Salon (Minneapolis)
Mpls Tattoo Shop (Minneapolis)
Smitten Kitten (Minneapolis)
Six Degrees Uptown (Minneapolis)
First Avenue & 7th St Entry (Minneapolis)


Attitudes (St. Louis)
Absolutely (St. Louis)
Honey (St. Louis)
Hair Company (St. Louis)
MoKaBe’s (St. Louis)
Left Bank Books (St. Louis)

The Vespiary Book Bindery (Missoula)
The Nova Cafe (Bozeman)


Border Grill (Las Vegas)

New Hampshire

New Jersey
Revolution Fitness (Lambertville)

New Mexico
Self-Serve Toys (Albuquerque)
Mine Shaft Tavern (Madrid)

New York
Henrietta Hudson (NYC)
Ginger’s (Brooklyn)
Cubby Hole (NYC)
Stonewall Inn (NYC)
Prune (NYC)
Equal Grounds (Rochester)
Hay Rosie (Brooklyn)
The Neighborhood Veterinarian (Brooklyn)
Billie’s Black (NYC)
S&S Liquor (Brooklyn)
EvenOdd (Rochester)

North Carolina
L4 Lounge (Charlotte)
Malaprops Bookstore and Cafe (Asheville)
The Little Volcano (Asheville)
The Spotted Dog (Carrboro)
Syd’s Hair Shop (Chapel Hill)

North Dakota

Wall Street (Columbus)
Union Bar (Columbus)
Slammers (Columbus)
Pork Chop Shop (Cleveland)
Gray’s Auctioneer (Cleveland)

Angels (Oklahoma City)
Wild Fork (Tulsa)

Byways Cafe (Portland)
Sweedeedee (Portland)
Wildfang (Portland)
Either/Or Coffee (Portland)
New Rose Tattoo (Portland)
Escape Bar and Grill (Portland)

Dapper D Fashions (Portland)
Bestow PDX (Portland)

Hinge Cafe (Philadelphia)
Cattivo (Pittsburgh)
941 Saloon (Pittsburgh)
House of Tilden (Pittsburgh)
One Shot Coffee (Philadelphia)
Barbuzzo (Philadelphia)
Lolita (Philadelphia)
Longbada Bar (Greensburg)
Black n Brew (Philadelphia)
Menagerie Coffee (Philadelphia)
Little Nonna’s (Philadelphia)
Verde (Philadelphia)
Phiily Aids Thrift (Philaldelphia)
Stir Lounge (Philadelphia)

Rhode Island
Deville’s (Providence)

South Carolina
De’ja vu II (North Charleston)

South Dakota

Lipstick Lounge (Nashville)
Pony Show (Nashville)
Play Dance Bar (Nashviile)
Margot Café & Bar (Nashville)
The Beveled Edge (Nashville)

Red Tattoo Parlor (Mt. Juliet)

Sue Ellen’s (Dallas)
Gold Dust Tattoo & Fine Art (Dallas)
Pearl Bar (Houston)
Neon Boots (Houston)
Mabel Peabodys Beauty Shop and Chainsaw Repair (Denton)
Bookwoman (Austin)
The Saint (San Antonio)
Royal Sixty Restaurant (Dallas)
Coco Coquette (Austin)
A Flower Basket (Austin)
South Congress Books (Austin)
Hotel San Jose (Austin)
The Clean Plate (San Antonio)
Full Circle Tavern (Dallas)

Paper Moon (Salt Lake City)
Meditrina (Salt Lake City)


Babes (Richmond)
Countryside Gardens (Hampton)

The Wild Rose (Seattle)
Coven Salon (Seattle)
NYNE (Spokane)
The Bearded Lady Bakery (Olympia)
Boots Bakery & Lounge (Spokane)
Kizuri (Spokane)
Boo Radley’s Gift (Spokane)
Atticus (Spokane)
FreeRange Cycles (Seattle)
Two Big Blondes (Seattle)
Cupcake Royale (Seattle)
Babeland (Seattle)
The Tin Table (Seattle)
Century Ballroom (Seattle)
Inferno (Seattle)
Jenny GG Photography (Seattle)
Marination (Seattle)
SugarPill (Seattle)
Taste Seattle Food Tours (Seattle)
TomboyX (Seattle)

West Virginia
The Angry Beaver (Morgantown)
Weezies (Morgantown)
Vice Versa (Morgantown)

Walker’s Pint (Milwaukee)
The Flying Pig (Algoma)
Bad Dog Frida (Madison)



Jubilee Balloons
Bluestockings Boutique
Pampered Paw Gifts (Get 15% off your order of $25 or more Coupon Code:LezBiBuy15)
Sugar Floss LLC
Rainbow Memories
Gold Coast Goods
Send Out Cards
Dee’s Woodshop
YYZ Imports
Dapper Geek
Philly Girls in Motion
Bish Burnings
Maven Made
C&J Creative LLC
Medium Squared
Small Equals
Kitty’s Toybox

We know there are so many more out there in the United States, so please help us with our growing list by telling us what we missed. You can email us, Tweet ussend us a note on Facebook or leave the info in the comments below. Even if we don’t list one and you know it’s lesbian or bi-owned, we still want you to support that establishment on December 5.