Mary Lambert’s dark new video for “Ribcage” is all about vulnerability

Back in October, Mary Lambert told us about the creation of her new music video for “Ribcage,” which is finally here. 

“’Ribcage’ was completely conceptually my idea,” Mary said. “…This has pretty much been my own project that I’ve just been pushing forward. … I really missed creating art and I think ‘Ribcage’ is—I love it. It’s my favorite song on Heart on My Sleeve and I wanted to make a video sort of based on the hangover of ‘Secrets,’ where I’m wearing a dress very similar to ‘Secrets’ and it’s basically about what happens when you are too vulnerable; what happens when you have given everything and you’re still not able to connect with an audience. So it’s pretty dark, and I felt a little strange having ‘Secrets’ be my first major label debut because it really put me in this one sort of light and it’s scary because—we’re all complex and we’re all multi-faceted, but there’s a darkness and a sadness to what I do. And I’m continually working and healing through it, but the art that I create has had some sarcastic sort of dark tones to it so to be able to express myself through another art form like doing a music video has been really cool.”

Check out the final product for her song with Angel Haze and K.Flay.