The Huddle: Feeling Yourself

This week’s Huddle question: Where is the place you feel most like yourself?

Bridget McManus: I find myself the most at peace and in tune with myself when cooking Italian food in my kitchen. Making my grandmother’s recipes brings me back to my core self.


Erin Faith Wilson: This is going to sound so pitiful but right now, I don’t really have a place I feel most myself. In the past two years, I have changed so much, and my life has changed so much, that I am currently trying to get back to the place of feeling like myself again. So right now, I’m actually looking for myself. If someone finds her let me know!


Dana Piccoli: On stage, in front of a microphone, singing. Doesn’t matter where.


Elaine Atwell: Singing, swimming, (really good) sex.

Valerie Anne: For me, location is less important than people. There are just some combinations of my friends who I can let all my walls down around. I spent so much of my life hiding my real self from the world, that even now I find myself hiding certain parts from this group or another. But I finally have people in my life who I can be my whole self with and it feels so freeing. Even if we’re sitting on hard wooden benches at a bar, it feels as cozy as an armchair built just for me. It’s still a relatively new thing for me, feeling so comfortable in my own skin, feeling like I can say whatever ridiculous thing that comes to my head and ask any absurd question and that it will evolve into a hilarious or thoughtful or amazing discussion.

But also New York City. It’s the only reason I know who the aforementioned person is well enough to have something to show the people I feel most comfortable with.


Kimberly Hoffman: There’s a house on a hill in a suburb of Chicago that I am pretty convinced is the happiest place on earth. It’s the house I grew up in. I have a million memories playing in that yard, on the slide, watching my dad cut down a whole apple tree, helping my mom plant radishes and chase bunnies when the sprinklers came on. There were little stone steps that went through the trees into our neighbor’s yard, and I hung out there all the time feeding Maggie the cat and playing dress-up. Our front door was always open. All of my family was together—healthy and happy. All the feels. All the me.