The Huddle: Unexpected Perks of Being Queer

Before coming out, there can be so many fears about what will change, or what kinds of things could go wrong. But we don’t often talk about the things we don’t expect; the fun surprises and positives that are unique to being LGBT. So this year’s Huddle is dedicated to those things. 

Group, what is an unexpected perk you’ve found to being queer?

Grace Chu: Doubling your sneaker collection when you are in a relationship. Score!

Bridget McManus: My mother assumes I don’t believe in God or have any spirituality in my life (which I actually do) so I don’t have to escort her to church when I go home to visit.


Dorothy Snarker: No unexpected pregnancy ever.


Lucy Hallowell: Females are strong as hell.


Elaine Atwell: I was just thrilled when I got my copy of the Secret Gay Agenda. It came as such a relief to know our plans for the future of humanity.


Dana Piccoli: I didn’t realize the way it would bond me to people that were like me. Being a part of a community has been my most precious takeaway.


Natasha Negovanlis: I mean, I get to play a lesbian vampire and it ain’t much of a stretch. 


Chelsea Steiner: What’s great about being bi? When you play for both teams, you always win the game! T-shirt slogans aside, being a part of such a passionate, engaged, and multi-faceted community of beautiful weirdos is an honor and a privilege.


Chloe: The pleasure of being a super special snowflake.


Kimberly Hoffman: Not one, not two, not three, but four of the girls I’ve been in relationships with have worn the same shoe size as me. I also swap T-shirts with my girlfriend and even today I was wearing a pair of holed up jeans she gave away to me. Definitely one of the perks of being a gay. 

Trish Bendix: I like having a secret language with other queer women. There are so many things that only we know or experience and I find it both fun and empowering. And YOU get a gold star, and YOU get a gold star! 

Erin Faith Wilson:  I would say a perk to being a lesbian is always having the option to bring your significant other to ‘female-only events’ like a baby shower or a bachelorette party or a make-up party….wait, do people have make-up parties?


What’s something you found to be an unexpected perk of being LGBT?