Exclusive Premiere: Andrea Nardello’s “Fire”

Out Philly-based musician Andrea Nardello has opened for Brandi Carlile and received comparisons to Melissa Etheridge and Shawn Colvin. Now she’s readying her second EP, Fire, for release on April 15, and she’s premiering her title track today, right here on AfterEllen. 


“When I sat down to write ‘Fire,’ I thought about life and how often you need to pick yourself back up after being broken,” Andrea said. “As I get older, I have learned how to cope better. While old habits die hard, and I can still be self-destructive at times, I find that I’m more self-aware these days.” 

The song was co-written with Matt Duke, and Andrea said it’s about the fire you create for yourself.

“We, as individuals, need to keep our internal lights burning. No one else can do that for you. Life is short so it’s critical to feed your soul, enjoy what you do, and figure out what lights you up. I focus and place higher priority on the things and people that are good for me.”

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