Morning Brew – “The 100” star Eliza Taylor talks Lexa fallout at WonderCon

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Two trans men and a lesbian have filed a lawsuit against the state of North Carolina for their new discriminatory law. Joaquín Carcaño, Payton Grey McGarry and Angela Gilmore are named as plaintiffs alongside ACLU of North Carolina and Equality North Carolina in the suit that challenges the H.B.2 as unconstitutional. 

During The 100 panel at WonderCon yesterday, showrunner Jason Rothenberg expanded on his recent (attempted) apology, and Eliza Taylor certainly pleased Clexa fans when she said her favorite scenes to shoot were those with Alycia Debnam-Carey. (Duh!)

“Shooting the Lexa kiss was really great. She’s a babe, A. And it was something that I’ve never gotten to do before… It was really cool to be able to do something like that.” 

Eliza did some great interviews, too, where thoughts on the Lexa fallout were a major theme.

A former Scientologist details the horrors she faced after being caught in a relationship with a woman while still a member of the church.

A lesbian couple, their three dogs and a friend were killed in a fire in Leeds over the weekend

India has a lesbian helpline women can call for assistance and support.

A deaf lesbian couple was attacked by a woman who didn’t understand sign language. Shaunda Lane attacked Deanna (Dee) Burkhart and Cathren Huges with a bat, and both suffered severe injuries. She now faces attempted murder charges, and there is a GoFund Me hoping to help raise funds to help with the couple’s medical bills.

At Bustle: What it’s like to be a queer woman of color.

WNPR covers the difficulties in LGBTs receiving medical care.

The Korea Communications Standards Commission is not a fan of lesbian-themed Korean web series Lily Fever.

I feel like I just have to let you know this exists: Kristen Stewart‘s Rumored Girlfriend Soko Sucks on Her Thumb.

Ellen Page covers Malibu magazine this month.

malibu-ellen-pagevia Malibu

Marvel’s “first lesbian lead” Victoria Montesi is making a return to a new series of Darkhold comics. (Thanks, Peter!)

carnagevia Bleeding Cool

Meanwhile, Batwoman is a major part of #DCRebirth. You can watch this panel for the details. (Thanks, Lillian!)

Robin Cloud‘s Out Again is the story of a daughter coming out to her mom again and again, because her mother has Alzheimers.

Kesha and Angel Haze will play Pittsburgh Pride this year.

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