11 Totally True (Anonymous) Stories from The Dinah

This year’s Club Skirts The Dinah kicks off of Wednesday in Palm Springs, and there’s bound to be love, lust, heartbreak and all kinds of Sapphic debauchery. We collected 11 stories from Dinahs past to highlight some of the crazy fun that can be experienced, should you be so lucky (or, in some cases, unlucky). Names have been removed to protect the innocent and guilty alike.

1. “A girl randomly kissed me poolside. She said she never acted that way, but she said I was an angel and she decided to seize the opportunity!”


2. “I think the craziest story I’ve ever heard was a girl that told me she and a friend picked up girls at Dinah by hiding cans of beer from their car cooler between their legs. Then they would walk in, go to the ladies room, stand in the middle of a group of women, reach between their legs, pull out the can and pop it open. They said it ‘worked like a charm’! WTAF!?! Who thinks this up as a great way to pick up women? And what women falls for it?! The gimmicks women come up with to attract attention amongst the 10K are unbelievable!”


3. “My one-night stand hookup at the Friday night white party resulted in a 10-year relationship and now we are married. It’s our 10 year anniversary this year. I love Dinah!!! It’s my 16th Dinah.”


4. “Well, one girlfriend I had—I was living in Chicago at the time—she got crazy jealous and left me in Palm Springs! Because a hot butch was talking to me. It’s Dinah. Am I expected to not talk to her?”


5. “One year I rented a house with a bunch of my friends. I was dating this girl at the time, and it had started to feel like she’d lost interest in me, so when she wanted to come with me to Dinah, I was happy and surprised. When we got there, she literally could not have acted less interested in me. She totally ignored me the whole time and cozied up to my friends. I started to realize she only wanted to go because she thought my friends were cool and wanted to be friends with them. It hurt my feelings, but I was determined to have a good time anyway. One of my friends was going to make some mushroom chocolates for the weekend, but ran out of time beforehand and so just brought the ground up mushrooms, which were a coarse powder. One night we were like, ‘Hey, let’s have those mushrooms!’ And since we didn’t know how to ingest them as a powder, we started licking gummy bears and tossing them around int he powder, like mushroom coated gummy bears. We ate a bunch and were totally not getting high, plus we were out of gummy bears. So my friend O grabbed a bag of Fritos scoops and started scooping up the powder. I mean it was a huge container of powder. So we all had a few scoops. And then OMG, I have literally never been so high in my life. Well, then the girl I was dating came back from wherever she’d been, and wanted to break up with me. Timeline fuzzy here but it happened when I was tripping wildly. I started crying and went and hung out under a palm tree in the backyard. I don’t know if you’ve ever cried on mushrooms, but it’s hard to stop, even when you’re not sad anymore. So I cried out there for a long ass time. Then an old friend showed up at the house on crutches, and something about that was so fun, making her get into the pool for pony rides. It was definitely my favorite year at Dinah. I mean, it was so stellar besides getting dumped.”


6. “Once on the way to the bathroom in a friend’s room I had an obstacle course made of girls laying randomly on the floor. It was like ‘don’t step on the lava,’ except lava is lesbians.”


7. “I met the love of my life at Dinah, and we made love till the sun came up three nights in a row. I went home not being able to walk.”


8. “I gave my friend my pass to get into the Dinah pool party and she promised she’d bring it back in time for me to go see Tegan and Sara that night. Suddenly, she was nowhere to be found, refusing to answer her phone, so I called her job because I knew she’d lied to them about calling off that day, and said I was trying to get ahold of her because she had my pass and I needed it back. So they called her and she miraculously answered. I was soon reunited with my pass and angry acquaintance.”


9. “One Dinah, I may or may not have had sex while my friend sat and waited on the balcony.”


10. “I slept with a co-worker despite being warned she was ‘crazy.’ Turns out, everyone was right.”


11. “I brought my wife to Dinah one year, and she actually went golfing.”


See you in Palm Springs!