10 Times Fran Lebowitz Was The Funniest Lesbian Ever

Fran Lebowitz is, in my eminently humble opinion, the great lesbian mind of the 21st century. The acerbic journalist, writer, and humorist wrote gloriously scathing essays on the shortcomings of modern society that were later compiled into two best-selling volumes, Metropolitan Life and Social Studies. Her dry, observational humor invokes Oscar Wilde and Dorothy Parker. Lebowitz’s influence on David Sedaris (one of my absolute favorite writers) is immediately apparent upon reading. She’s politically incorrect, snide, and always has an excellent point.

March was my month to host book club amongst my LA friends, many of whom are writers, and I picked Metropolitan Life. While browsing the internet in searching of amusing quotes to tantalize them into actually reading the damn book, I was perturbed but not surprised to find a dearth of Fran Lebowitz quotes. While insipid “proverbs” made up by bored Tallahassee housewives abound, the number of witticisms worthy of reblog remain perilously low.

So I took matters into my own hands, compiled a list of my favorite Fran Lebowitz quotes, spent a little time on the wonderful graphic design site Canva and Ta Da! Finally, some inspiration quotes that speak to me. Hopefully they will speak to you too. Enjoy!

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