Poet Staceyann Chin speaks to us all in her passionate speech about Orlando

Out writer and performer Staceyann Chin spoke at a Chicago vigil for the victims of Orlando at the Center on Halsted last night, and in her speech, she touched on so many facets of the conversation we are having about this senseless hate crime against our community. As an immigrant from Jamaica, Staceyann spoke about coming to America to live safely as a lesbian, how gun violence has never been a part of our “gay agenda,” and our basic need and desire to “breathe free.”

“After 20 years of safety, my lesbian body is awake to the terror of what black body, my woman body, my immigrant body, has always known,” Staceyan said. “These barbaric ideologies are only getting bolder and bolder by the proverbial hour, as a whole.

Watch the speech in its entirety below, or read the transcript at DNA Info.