Exclusive Premiere: BeLL’s “Losing My Religion” music video features queer performers

Her Story star Laura Zak and Rocco Katastrophe are two familiar faces in the new music video from indie artist BeLL in her cover of R.E.M.‘s “Losing My Religion.” Director Jen Rosenstein says there was an all queer female crew behind the video, which is about “struggle.”

“It doesn’t matter if we are gay, straight, bi, queer or transgender,” Jen said, “At some point we go through the dark and make it out to the light.”

Jen said she was going through a “dark time” when BeLL reached out with the idea for the video.

“Instantly the song resonated with me in a much more personal way than it ever had in the past,” she said. “I wanted to show what that struggle was like and how we make that decision to either jump off a building or take that leap of faith and survive.”

In the video, each actor is faced with their own “darkness,” which Jen said was heavily discussed before shooting.

“The room represents that inner struggle and how we fight with ourselves in a way that nobody hears us. I included a young child to represent the innocence that we still have, that kid inside us that just wants a hug,” she said.