And the 2016 AfterEllen Hot 100 Winners Are….


In 2007, we launched the first ever AfterEllen Hot 100 and out L Word star Leisha Hailey took home the top prize. Last year, Ruby Rose proved popular with readers and was thrilled to be named number one. 

In 2016, so many of the OG list makers are still mainstays, but like every year, there are a bunch of new additions that fans went crazy for. In fact, this year’s number one has never made the list before, but she beat some who have been around since the beginning. 

In case you haven’t skipped ahead yet…

Some stats (without giving too many spoilers):

  • Around 25 percent of the women are out as somewhere on the spectrum, identifying as lesbian/bisexual/queer/sexually fluid. 
  • Seven of the listmakers are YouTube stars or actresses on web series.
  • There are 18 who count music as a major part of their career.
  • Only three athletes made it—U.S. soccer players.
  • More than 20 percent are women of color/from not explicitly white backgrounds.
  • At least 22 are age 40 or older.
  • Some TV ensemble scorecards include: Orange is the New Black (4), Faking It (4), The 100 (4), Wynonna Earp (3), Game of Thrones (3),  The L Word (2), and Pretty Little Liars (2).

Now onto the winners!