Lady Gaga tops the “Rolling Stone” hot list and talks about being bi

When David LaChapelle is photographing you for the cover of Rolling Stone, you should know you’ve become some sort of pop icon. I’m pretty sure Lady Gaga is aware that she’s become quite a topic of conversation lately, whether it be because of her refusal to wear pants, or that she sings the catchiest songs on the radio right now.

Lady Gaga has been back and forth on her openness discussing her bisexuality, but in the new issue of Rolling Stone, where she tops the magazine’s annual Hot List, she addresses the issue. previews the interview, saying Gaga tells the interviewer “her attraction to women is purely physical. It’s an aspect of her sexuality that makes boyfriends ‘uncomfortable,’ she says.

The issue comes out today, so you can check out the full interview and possibly find out more on why Gaga’s attraction to women makes the men she’s with uncomfortable. However, I’m more interested in her statement that the attraction to women is “purely physical” — does she mean to say that she does not have any emotional attraction to women? I would think that has a large part to do with being bisexual versus sexually free.

Lady Gaga is becoming a very public figure in entertainment, and I’d love to appreciate her visibility as a bisexual woman. However, I’m still hoping she doesn’t start making statements akin to Megan Fox‘s “I’m bisexual but I won’t date bisexual girls” that make bisexuals look bad or become even more misunderstood as straight women who make out with women when their boyfriends aren’t looking.

What do you think of Lady Gaga’s bisexuality? Does she owe any sort of explanation as a hyper-sexualized pop star?