DJ Citizen Jane on playing what women what to hear

DJ Citizen Jane is Miami’s go-to DJ for girl parties, and because of the name she’s built for herself in South Beach, she’s played sets at The Dinah, Womenfest and is booked for the upcoming Plezzure Island in Galveston, Texas (September 29-October 2).

“I love to make everyone forget about their problems while they are out at my events dancing and having fun,” DJ Citizen Jane told us. “That’s what it’s about everyone coming together as a community and forgetting all the craziness going on around the world.”

We caught up with Jane for a quick Q&A while she’s on the road, traveling from gig to gig, and asked what we can expect to hear from her at Plezzure Island and future projects.

12003858_1160707143958411_49849339680374819_n How has DJing and DJ culture changed since you first started?

DJ Citizen Jane: It has changed so much in the sense that now everyone wants to be a DJ. Being a DJ is the new black. Back in the day when I first began DJing it was all about the turntables and carrying around your records on crates. Now it’s all pretty much digital, and you carry all your music in a laptop or thumb drive. But then there are the pretend DJs of the world that use certain programs that will do all the work for you, which takes all the fun out of being a DJ! The fun part of being a DJ is being able to create a mix on the spot as you are looking at your audience and feeling the crowd. If you come with a pre-made mix on a thumb drive, what’s the point? To me, it’s all about engaging with the people and making sure they are dancing.


AE: What’s different about DJing for lesbians/women vs. other crowds?

DJCJ: Every crowd I DJ for is different. For example, when I DJ for the gay boys, they love their house music; very anthemy and dramatic beats. The lesbian crowd is more of an open format. A variety of music mixed in there—Top 40 remixed, hip hop and some Latin. And all the other crowds—I just usually read them and take it from there depending on the type of event and the music it calls for.


AE: What’s your dream gig?

DJCJ: My dream gig is to go on tour with one of my favorite performers and be their opening act. Crossing my fingers that it will happen in my very near future. 


AE: What other DJs have inspired you or currently inspire you?

DJCJ: I love Calvin Harris and Afrojack. I love a DJ that produces their own mixes. Because it’s all about the creativity process. DJing is not just standing there and pushing buttons. But it’s about integrating different beats and putting your own magical touch to it. Your own twist and personal beat to the songs that you are playing, as well as producing and remixing your own songs. Which I am currently working on in the studio—coming up soon!


AE: Are lesbian DJs given the same kind of respect as straight DJs in your opinion?

DJCJ: I believe that is still a work in progress. It is a lot harder for a female DJ to get hired or break through than a male DJ. For example, during Ultra Fest in Miami which is a Mecca Fest for DJs, there really weren’t any female DJs this year performing there. That is very sad, because there are thousands of very talented and well known female DJs all over the world that should have had the equal opportunity to perform there. We are just not given the same opportunities as the male DJs. Which only gives me more strength to continue to work harder to break through those barriers and make a difference.


AE: How do you feel about “celebrity” DJs like Paris Hilton?

DJCJ: Sorry for being so blunt, but to me, they are a complete joke, and it is a total disrespect to us real DJs that are out there on the grind, hustling to do what we love for a living. Then here come the Paris Hilton DJs of the world, which there are plenty of out there of which I will not mention names, and they get hired because of their name and not their talent and get paid $100,000 for a fake performance. It is pretty insulting to me as a DJ.


AE: What can the gals of Plezzure Island expect from your set?

DJCJ: They can expect a variety of music. From Top 40 remixed dance hits, to some hip hop, Latin and many other favorites. I will guarantee that I will make sure to have them on the dance floor and having a great time all weekend. I’m super excited for Plezzure Island. I can’t wait to be there already having fun with all the beautiful ladies.


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