Gospel singer Rizi Nasele Timane says “Come Out”

Out gospel singer Rev. Rizi Nasele Timane has released an album solely dedicated to letting the LGBT community know it’s OK to be gay; and especially OK to be gay and Christian.

Timane’s new CD, Come Out, is full of songs urging gays and lesbians to come out of the closet (the title track’s lyrics include “They were wrong when they said to you / Something’s wrong / Something’s wrong with you / Run from him / Cuz he hates you so.”

Born in West Africa, Timane is now a U.S. citizen, and her goal is to “enable any LGBT person who wants to know God but has been turned off by Religion to know that God loves them just as gay as they are and also to help those who are struggling with their spirituality and sexuality.” Her website notes that she did these things to herself before coming to terms with being a lesbian.

If you’re into modern gospel or Christian music, you will find Rizi’s music (which has an upbeat reggaeton sound on several songs and a positive message of acceptance overall) pleasant songs of praise. And if you aren’t religious or into the idea of spiritual music, you can at least appreciate the message of being who you are and not fearing anyone’s condemnation.

Does Come Out sound like something you’d give a spin?