UK sensation Little Boots defends her sexuality after kissing a female friend

I’ve been hooked on Little Boots brand of indie-pop for a few months now, but never bothered to look up too much about the woman behind the adorable moniker. And then she came up on my faux-lez radar — notice I did not say “gaydar.”

Victoria Hesketh is her real name, and the UK-based singer apparently has a talent not only for making great music, but for finding herself being photographed kissing other women.

Little Boots told The Sun that she is not bisexual, despite being seen kissing fellow musician and friend Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine after the NME Awards back in February. (Yes, February — and yet it’s still something she’s interviewed about now.)

“I was not kissing back,” she said. “As much as I love Florence, not in that way. She is crazy, in the best possible way.”

Little Boots also told the paper she “was drunk and shocked out of [her] skin” and that “Lots of singers are saying they’re bisexual these days. I’m definitely not in that camp. But great for all the people that are.”

And, of course, she mentions she has a boyfriend. Congrats, Mr. Little Boots, whomever you are.

Don’t you just love the “I was drunk” excuse? It happens so often, apparently, that alcohol suddenly gives women’s lesbian gene a little push to the forefront, urging even the straightest of women to make out with their friends.

And for what? Well, it would seem attention, and it appears to work. Now that the defensive “I’m really straight, I was just drunk” press tour has commenced, it’s time to move on to something else for the papers to buzz about — you know, something to write about besides your music.

Really, this personifies why I dislike the Katy Perry song so much: It’s based on real life experiences — the kind that make lesbianism look like a drunken party trick.

I’m not saying I think less of Little Boots, or Florence, for that matter, but I don’t get drunk and get the urge to kiss dudes. Just sayin’.