Emily Blunt wants to be a gay icon

Though much (OK, basically all) of the supposed “lesbian affair” between Emily Blunt and Mary Lynn Rajskub was cut out of Sunshine Cleaning, Blunt is still striving to be a gay icon.

In a recent interview, the 26-year-old English actress said:

I’m going to become a gay icon. Have I ever flirted with that side? No, never, but I do remember girl crushes on other girls in your year group at school. There are these girls who are magnetic and beautiful and so cool. You just feel yourself shrink in their presence.

Uh, yeah, that’s called a straight-up crush, Emily. Regardless, she seems to be well on her way to gay icon status, if you ask me. Just look how close she gets with her co-stars.

Remember her steamy Sapphic role in 2004’s My Summer of Love? That’s most likely what put her on most of our radars to begin with.

Then, she went on to earn a Golden Globe nomination for best supporting actress for her bitchy fashionista role in The Devil Wears Prada. Pretty gay-friendly, right — not to mention her torrid love/hate relationship with her co-star Anne Hathaway‘s character.

Also, she dated Michael Buble. That definitely had to win her over some gay men (or at least once they broke up).

Most recently, she made an appearance on The Simpsons as Lisa’s close, Heavenly Creatures-esqe BFF.

Emily has a lot of films in the works right now, including The Young Victoria, in which she stars as the, um, young Queen Victoria, the thriller Curiosity and she’ll play Juliet in Gnomeo and Juliet. Shakespeare + gnomes = gay! Am I right?

What do you think of Emily Blunt’s comment: Is she just trying to get the gays to pay attention? (Doesn’t she know most of us already have been?) What does it take for someone to become a gay icon?