Ruby Rose Named one of PETA’s “Sexiest Vegan Celebrities”

Ruby Rose is one of PETA’s “Vegan Wonder Women” alongside Jenna Dewan Tatum and Maggie Q. It’s all part of a Sexiest Vegan Celebrity contest, and AfterEllen is thrilled that Ruby made the cut. The only downside? One of the contenders who apparently was a close runner-up but who did NOT make the cut is Kate McKinnon. Come on, PETA! Why no Kate?  But we will take this win, too. Besides, Maggie Q has done some pretty badass things for animals.

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As an aside, Ellen Page has been a winner of the contest in years past. Are you sensing a trend among lesbians going vegan? We are. In fact, we published a story not too long ago about where to meet lesbians, and one place on the list was at a vegan festival. It’s a thing. Going vegan is definitely a lesbian activity. Or should we say lifestyle 😉 ?

PETA applauded Rose for encouraging her Instagram followers to fight climate change by going vegan this past April, and the star has also suggested veganism as a way to fight back against President Trump. Last year she Tweeted that she isn’t technically vegan because of the whole leather-wearing thing, but hey. Lesbians do love their leather. And besides, she just may have had a change of heart, because she definitely only wears faux fur.

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Fast forward to 2017 faux fur shopping, photo via Instagram.

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Would you go vegan for climate change? For animals? For RUBY ROSE? Let us know in the comments, because we are about to embark on a little vegan journey of our own here at AfterEllen. Stay tuned.