Lez Dish It Out! The AfterEllen Weekly Round-Up

Ellen DeGeneres Honors The Victims Of Hurricane Harvey

Photo: The Ellen Show/YouTube
Photo: The Ellen Show/YouTube

Props to Ellen for using her platform to bring awareness to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

On Aug. 28, DeGeneres shared a heartfelt and emotional tribute to the city of Houston on her show. The lesbian comic also donated $25,000 to the American Red Cross and $25,000 to the SPCA of Texas. Additionally, The Ellen DeGeneres Show donated $25,000 to the American Red Cross.

The host said of her donation:

A lot of people in Texas have lost their homes. The city of Houston has been hit the hardest. I know people want to help. I would like to help.”

Check out the moment below:

On another note, Ellen revived her stand-up career at the Largo on Aug. 30. As expected, her wife Portia de Rossi lent her support for the evening. Check out the photos:

Activist Kai Hazelwood Raises Awareness For The Bisexual Community


Three cheers for LGBTQ activists.

In honor of bi awareness month, the activist, dancer, and choreographer Kai Hazelwood synced up with fellow collaborators to create an inspiring three piece dance performance titled, 3 Piece Suite. The show, which will take place on Sep. 8 in Los Angeles, “explores bisexual identity, activism, and the complexity of human connection along with musical performances by bi singer songwriter Cindy Jollotta and an acoustic set by bi-fronted MetronOhm.” One piece of the show, inVISIBLE, will focus on the members of Los Angeles’ bisexual community “who have shared their own personal narratives around coming out as bisexual, their families, and romantic relationships.”

Here’s a snippet from Kai’s interview about inVISIBLE:

On the inception of inVISIBLE: “The nugget of the idea started when I was creating a piece for the Bisexual Arts Festival. I did a little bitty art piece for it that got my wheels turning and it was a subject matter that I was interested in. As an organizer for the group (Kai is the co-runner of Ambi LA) you hear so many stories about people who feel completely alone, like, ‘I didn’t even know that I was bisexual because I didn’t know that term included me.’ So, I wanted to find a way to create a project that would tell personal stories that other people could see and hear that would make them realize, ‘Oh that’s how I feel!’ Or, ‘Oh, that relates to my experience!’ The stories I hear are all variations of the same thing. That was kind of the idea behind the project.”

On choosing dance as the medium for the performance: “It’s the way I see the world. Anything that I’m interested is the lens I process things through. Given the type of work I do,  I’m really interested in figuring out how to physicalize personal stories. So, it felt like a really interesting challenge to me. Also, it’s another way to approach the subject rather than it be a support group or reading something. How do we approach this in a way that’s engaging and that feels new and celebratory, rather than, ‘This is the stuff we have to talk about — let’s raise visibility!'”

In addition to inVISIBLE, the show will feature “Sh*t People Say” a performance that will tackle the”complications of intersectionality and co-struggle” and “Seeking…,” which will explore “how blind faith plays a huge part in our intimate relationships.”

You can buy tickets HERE. For more updates on Kai and her work, click HERE.

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