Arielle Scarcella Opens Up About Anxiety and Seeking Help

Famed YouTuber Arielle Scarcella, who we’ve laughed with, learned from, and otherwise been entertained by for many years now,  has recently made a video where she opens up about the crippling anxiety she’s dealt with over the years. In the new video, which is part of her new “stripped down” series, she confesses to waiting seven years to seek help, and gets real about what true anxiety is like to deal with and how it has impacted her life and relationships, including why she stayed in an abusive relationship for so long.

Fortunately, she did seek help, but it took her seven years. And she’s not alone. Anxiety and abusive relationships are issues that are prevalent in the lesbian and greater LGBT communities, and many women, especially young women and teens,  don’t seek help for a number of reasons, one being financial.

Arielle has partnered with a service called Better Help, which provides affordable, private, online counseling that matches you with a counselor right away, right from your laptop or phone.

Watch what Arielle has to say about being too ashamed to seek help, why you shouldn’t be, and what you can do right now if you’re feeling alone, anxious, depressed, or confused.