Keeana Kee Goes Make-Up Free, Reveals True Beauty on AfterEllen TV

In case you hadn’t heard, lesbian singer and model Keeana Kee is making YouTube videos for AfterEllen TV, and if you missed her first video, you can watch that right HERE. In her second video, she shows us how she starts her day, shares an important beauty tip, what she drinks to get glowing skin, her favorite spot to run, and her favorite DJ! Plus, she teaches us how to say “I love you” in Russian.

We love that she was willing to go makeup-free and let us see the real Keeana, which is rare in today’s entertainment industry, and makes her all the more irresistible!  Watch, and be sure to subscribe to AfterEllen TV for more exclusive glimpses of her amazing life, and follow Keeana Kee on her social channels (below video).


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