Get to Know the AE Writers: Jocelyn Macdonald

Are you curious about who the AfterEllen writers are? In the spirit of  getting to know us a little better, we at AE have been sharing our series “15 Things You Didn’t Know About Me,” in which we share – well, 15 things about ourselves. Jocelyn Macdonald writes thought-provoking Op-Eds for us, like this one, and here are 15 things you didn’t know about her – but now you do!

1. Not everyone knows I ride a motorcycle, but, like a vegan, it’s pretty much the first thing I mention. Growing up, it never occurred to me to ride, because I’m a girl, and that’s not what girls do. Now I know there’s a lot of stuff girls do too, and that stuff tends to be what I’m most passionate about.

2. I was born into a religious cult. No one was allowed to question anything, so now I question everything.

3. I’m a fan of petty rivalry and regional pride. This is why Ohio can suck it, even though it’s actually pretty great and there are a lot of good Ohioans and some breathtaking nature. BUT INDIANA RULES THE MIDWEST.

4. Spiders are cool and welcome to live and chill with me in my house.

5. I do stick and poke tattoos and my favorite canvas is myself.

6. My sun, moon and Jupiter are conjunct in Aries and they are all squared by Neptune within 2 degrees. It’s a wild ride.

7. I collect water samples as souvenirs.

8. I have several autoimmune diseases and my medical bills would surpass my yearly income by tens of thousands of dollars if not for Obamacare. Thanks, Obama!

9.When I was a child, my mother sent my sister and me away to the circus for a little peace and quiet. Mom’s cousin was a trapeze (etc) artist. I learned hula hoop tricks.

10. It really gets under my skin when people waste water while doing dishes or brushing their teeth. I have to leave the room even though I’m pretty sure we can all agree it’s generous and kind when someone does the washing up. I would really worry about this streak of domineering water usage control freakery, but my sister has the same affliction. Honestly she probably passed it to me cuz my dad doesn’t even believe in recycling.

11. I have a seemingly incurable case of middle child syndrome and, relatedly, am usually the first done with dinner. I will eat my weight in what’s left on other people’s plates.

 12. Sometimes I cry during the Great British Baking Show because they can’t all win.

13. When I’m not listening to Rumours by Fleetwood Mac, I’m almost for sure listening to disco. I love laser beams and synthesizers and strings. Whatever I’m listening to, I’m dancing.

14. I was vegetarian for 13 years and to the very same degree that I was a devout, plant-based diet evangelist, I am now here to tell you about the wondrous health benefits of bone broth and pork lard.

15. Did I mention my motorcycle? It’s really pretty and cool and if your head fits into my extra small helmet, I will put you on the back.