Watch the Exclusive Premiere of Keeana Kee’s New Music Video for ‘You’re Real’

Keeana Kee dropped her hot new single “You’re Real” in January, and AfterEllen readers got a first listen of the song, which you can read all about here, including the lyrics and her inspiration. Today, on International Women’s Day, Keeana unveils her very sexy music video for ‘You’re Real’ and we are honored to premiere it right here on AE!  If you’ve ever fallen in love, or daydreamed about the girl of your dreams, or had an intense crush, this is for you. More than a music video, this is a short, very passionate lesbian love (and lust) story, and it will fuel your fantasies. Before I say more, watch:


Keeana spoke with AfterEllen about her inspiration for the sexy new tune when she was visiting Los Angeles.

“Oh it was one of those hot August days. I had just returned home to NYC after another long and exhausting trip. First thing the next morning I took my guitar and started playing with the cords I know… simple and beautiful… It was like taking a new breath… The song was written from the beginning to the end in just a couple of hours and what inspired me was realizing how blessed, happy and in love I am that it even seems too good to be true – that’s where all the lyrics came from. It’s a love song about someone who takes care of you, always lifts you up and is always by your side, whether in heart or in person. It’s about the one you dearly love, and choose to be the one for you every single day.”

“You’re Real” was produced by Sergio De Anda and is available now on Spotify, iTunes, and other streaming services.