Sportscast Episode 1! Interview With Daria Berenato

Introducing AfterEllen’s first podcast! Listen via the link below and stay tuned for more SportsCast segments with Gabrielle as part of the new AfterEllen Podcast – rolling out episodes as of today! 

Every week fans tune into the WWE to watch drama, non-stop action, and a chance to see their favorite superstar in action. And there’s a superstar for everyone. And now, even lesbians have someone to root for.

AfterEllen was lucky enough to talk to WWE’s first out lesbian superstar Daria Beranato, better known as Sonya Deville in the ring.

Getting her start in MMA, Berenato entered the world of WWE around four years ago. Fans already know her as a tenacious fighter. Who wouldn’t be nervous talking to a world-class fighter? But outside the ring, she’s a sympathetic and determined woman. My nerves melted as soon as we started talking and I felt as though I was talking to a friend. Aside from wrestling, Berenato keeps busy with her new clothing line, Rainbow Love and YouTube channel, Damandyz Donuts.

Don’t want to listen? You can also read the interview HERE.