Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (December 1, 2006)



Michelle Hurd
Kerry Weaver finally has a love interest again on ER!
Courtney Brown, played by Law and Order: SVU‘s
Michelle Hurd, was introduced a few weeks ago as a TV producer
who convinces Kerry to become a health correspondent for
her TV channel.

Courtney flirted lightly with Kerry over the last few episodes, then they spent Thanksgiving together, and finally in last night’s episode, the two women crossed the line and shared a steamy kiss in Kerry’s apartment. And it actually lasted longer than two seconds!

Laura Innes is rumored to be leaving the series soon, so this may be the most this relationship is ever really developed, but it’s better than cranky no-love-life Kerry. And between the burgeoning Kerry-Courtney romance, Pratt’s gay brother, and Sara Gilbert’s recurring role as a caustic nurse, ER is almost gayer than America’s Next Top Model these days.

Patty Hearst and Kristen Bell Just before Thanksgiving, Veronica Mars featured a mystery involving a missing heiress played by Patty Hearst, who turned out to have been blackmailed by her husband after she was photographed having an affair with another woman (played by Keri Pratt). Bizarrely, The CW nixed a planned lesbian kiss between them Hearst reportedly told The New York Daily News, “I meet Keri and I’m like, ‘Hello.’ We didn’t know until we were on the set we couldn’t actually kiss. We were all set for that.” Watch out, CW, Tyra’s not going to like this one bit!

Speaking of Tyra, America’s Next Top Model‘s last lesbian standing, Michelle, was eliminated last week, and her twin sister got the axe in the next episode. In her exit interview with, Michelle talked about coming out on the show and then doing a photo shoot where she had to be both Ellen and Portia: “the day after I announced that I might be gay they do the couples shoot, and I happened to be the one with the two girls. At first I was like, ‘Oh, good job, production.’ I didn’t really care, but I thought it was funny. But it ended up being really cool because Ellen rocks, so it was fine.”

I’m just glad they didn’t ask her to be Mary Cheney and Heather Poe!