Great LezBritain: Interview with Sharleen Spiteri

AE: Smoothly leading on from that, I have been to a Texas gig and I have never seen so many lesbians gathered under one roof…
It is quite extraordinary isn’t it!

AE: Yes it is. (both laugh) so why do you think the ladies love Miss Spiteri?
I think you should do a poll on it because, honest to God, I have no idea. There is nothing better in life than to be appreciated and respected by other women, and I am not just talking about on a sexual basis.

I do like woman that stand up for what they believe in and speak out and in the lesbian community. That is what you need to do. I think you are forced into a situation where you have to be stronger and stand up for yourself when many others don’t, so maybe that is why I am respected?

AE: I think that is part of it, but I can tell you that it also may have something to do with that fact you dressed up as Elvis in the video for “Inner Smile” and donned a sailor suit in the video for “Sleep.”
Yes that might be it I do love a bit of uniform action. I do love playing at being a boy, I always have done it, and I love the fact it plays with people’s minds. And I don’t think there is any set way you are supposed to be. I was never the pretty girl, and that is the way I have gone through life.

AE: You recorded The Movie Songbook in LA. Why did you decide to go over to the states?
I went to work with the producer Phil Ramone who has worked with great artists such as Barbara Streisand, Bob Dylan and Frank Sinatra. We wanted to carry the whole movie scene through and so we went to Capitol Studios were a lot of the great movie soundtracks were made.

AE: Did you like it out there?
I love it out in Los Angeles. A couple of my friends live out there and I went to stay with one of them in West Hollywood for a week before recording the album. We went to some really cool cafes and just hung out in loads of places we had a ball.

AE: So apart from this album, what are your plans for 2010?
: Hopefully I will tour with this album and at the moment I am writing a new Texas record with Jonny [McElhone, fellow Texas songwriter].

AE: When do you think that will be out?
I doubt very much it will be this year but it will definitely be next year.

AE: How can readers keep up to date with the happenings of Miss Spiteri? Do you Tweet? It’s all the rage these days.
I don’t, I’m afraid. I don’t want people to know exactly what I am doing and I like to be free of anything like that I don’t even like speaking on the phone.

AE: Were you aware that you had a Twitter fraudster?
I was, because I have the most loyal fantastic fans that let me know what was happening and we got straight on it.

AE: The Tweets put out by your imposter were very boring, I don’t think they were doing you any favors.
Well some fans had contacted us and said “We don’t think this is you,” so it was amazing that they had sussed it straight away really. I think they knew it wasn’t me because I would have been a lot more foul-mouthed.

So we have taken instruction from Sharleen Spiteri and have decided to officially open a poll to ask readers the question. Why do the ladies love Miss Spiteri? Give us your answers in the comments below.

“Great LezBritain” authors Sarah, a Londoner, and Lee, a Glaswegian, met in a gay discotheque one bleak mid winter, eight years ago and have been shacked up together ever since. When not watching Tipping The Velvet, they find time to write, run a PR company, DJ at their own club nights and love a bit of jam on toast. Follow them on Twitter at greatlezbritain.