Felicia Day on coming out in “Dollhouse” and the new lesbian couple on “The Guild”

If the average TV fan were to pass Felicia Day on the street, most wouldn’t recognize the woman who has been crowned the queen of the internet. Thanks to her award-winning web series, The Guild, and a starring role in Joss Whedon’s web musical Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, Day’s share price has been rising within new media circles. The same, however, cannot be said of success when it comes to traditional media, despite national commercials and a role in perhaps the two best episodes of Fox’s critically acclaimed Dollhouse.

AfterEllen.com talked to writer-actress Day, who created and The Guild as an alternative to being typecast as the “best friend”/secretary all the time, about playing gay on Dollhouse, coming back from the dead a la Buffy in Dr. Horrible II, how Codex, her on-screen alter-ego in The Guild may not have a clue when it comes to her own sexuality and what’s next for the series’ resident same-sex couple Riley and Venom.

AfterEllen: The Dollhouse series finale, “Epitaph Two: Return,” included a nice tip of the hat to the lesbian community when your character, Mag, came out. What’d you think of that when you read the script?
Felicia Day: Yeah! That was interesting. I was all for it, I was like, this seems absolutely right. It was funny because it wasn’t mentioned in “Epitaph One,” so as an actor, I had to wrap my head around that — having established the character because I had a bit of an emotional connection with the guy who died in the first part, so I thought it deepened the subtext there. I had to re-wrap my head around it. But the cool this is that I was attracted to (Dollhouse and Dr. Horrible writer-actress) Maurissa (Tancharoen), who is a great friend of mine — but also beautiful! It really wasn’t that hard; it didn’t fall outside the realm — she’s just a person. She could be attracted to anybody.

AE: It was great that it continued the Dr. Horrible connection.

FD: It was, “OK, this is awesome!” She’s a really good actress and such a great writer, too. I’m always so impressed with her because she juggles so many things at the same time. I’d love to work with her in any capacity in the future.

AE: She’s writing for Spartacus now, too.

FD: Yeah, she and (husband) Jed Whedon (Joss’ brother) are on Spartacus right now and they’re probably having a really good time. I lent her a couple of books because I love Roman and Greek history as well — but all like the racy bits. I’m obsessed with the seedy side of history, so anything with like a torture implement or a weird sexual things in it is probably on my shelf! [Laughs] But only historical, I don’t know why!

AE: Any chance we’ll see you on Spartacus?

FD: That shoots in New Zealand, so I would kill to be on a show like that, even just a small part but it’s problematic that there’s a 17-hour plane flight. They tend to hire actors down there, unless they’re huge regulars. They’re actually my favorite kind of shows, so to be on something like that would be a dream.