Queer models come out on top

The new issue of Curve Magazine includes a spread from fashion photographer Meagan Cignoli featuring four out models. Supermodel Yaya Kosikova, MTV VJ and America’s Next Top Model Kim Stolz, top model and former AfterEllen.com vlogger Jessica Clark, and model Sara Jones don protest tees and military-inspired garb to raise awareness of inequalities affecting the LGBT community, such as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and marriage equality.

“As a fashion photographer, I have the pleasure of working with so many talented designers, top models, and creative stylists within the LGBT community, but rarely do we get to celebrate and showcase their contributions so explicitly,” said Cignoli. “I thought this shoot was a great opportunity to build awareness, promote acceptance and showcase the fashionable side of lesbian culture using four out lesbians who are active ambassadors of gay rights.”

All of us know that queers gravitate towards the fashion industry like bees to pollen, but out queer female fashion models still seem to be an anomaly, despite evidence to the contrary. Cignoli told AfterEllen.com that out models Djosefin Maurer and Finland’s Top Model winner Nanna Grundfeldt also expressed interest in taking part, but they were not able to make it to New York for the shoot.

Maurer and Grundfeldt

There is no doubt a good percentage of queer women are involved in this industry — not only behind the scenes, but also on the catwalk and on the glossy pages of fashion magazines.

Here are some other gay or bi models you may or may not know about. Enjoy!

Amanda Moore

Eve Salvail

Ida Daugaard

Jenny Shimizu

And of course, the late and great Gia Carangi.

Who are some of your favorite lesbian models, past and present?