Christina Aguilera’s rep says there’s no romance between the singer and Samantha Ronson

In response to the recent rumors circulating about Christina Aguilera dating Samantha Ronson (which began shortly after she announced her divorce from Jordan Bratman), her camp has spoken out to squash what they say are untrue statements. The Chicago Sun-Times reports:

While Aguilera’s spokesfolks strongly insist her relationship with superstar DJ Samantha Ronson — Lindsay Lohan‘s ex-girlfriend — is “a good, longtime friendship and nothing more than that,” people who have spent time with both women recently believe there is something of a romance there.

Sam leaving Christina’s house at 2 a.m. a few weeks ago

The paparazzi are having a lot of fun with this speculation, which is likely because Samantha is bisexual and has had relationships with women. If Christina were getting late night visits from Nicole Richie instead of Sam, I doubt it would be handled the same. That said, we’ve also heard the “just friends” thing before, so who really knows what’s going on between them. We all know Sam doesn’t kiss and tell — ask Lindsay Lohan!

Right now Christina is in Hawaii and Sam just wrapped up a DJ gig in Paris.

I doubt the statement from Christina’s camp will keep the tabloids from talking about the two, so we’ll keep you posted on how their relationship is handled as Christina attempts to move on in a difficult time.