Katee Sackhoff and Tricia Helfer combine their superpowers to save the world

Sometimes a Case of the Mondays can be cured by a simple tip from an AfterEllen.com reader. Today it came from @jennyfjs who let us know that all of our Monday blues and blahs could be vanquished by a little something called Katee Sackhoff and Tricia Helfer riding their motorcycles to change the world.

Earlier this month, Helfer and Sackhoff launched “The Acting Outlaws,” a website where they’re documenting their 2,500 mile ride from Los Angeles to New Orleans to raise awareness and funds for the oil spill in the Gulf.

Acting Outlaws has also partnered with the Gulf Restoration Network in creating a contest which allows the grand prize winner the opportunity to interview both Katee and Tricia for the Acting Outlaws and GRN websites. The contest, titled “What Are You Doing?”, is derived from the Acting Outlaws slogan; “Do Something.”, challenging others to send in their stories and tell Katee and Tricia what they’re doing in their own lives to help the environment.

Every night, Helfer and Sackhoff are doing live video chats via UStream, where they talk about their day on the road, answer reader questions and are generally adorable/hilarious/sexy in every possible way. Here’s the first video chat from October 21.

You know what? I kind of ship it — Helfhoff! — but that’s beside the point; the point is the environment. The other point is using your powers for good. And that’s exactly what Sackhoff and Helfer are doing — which, of course, makes them superheroes. (But we already knew that!) I also particularly love when Katee says she’s just going to grab her phone in case her mom calls.

You can find all of their other chats on their LA La Ride 2010 USTREAM page. Or check them out at actingoutlaws.org, where you can find delicious treats like this one:

Helfer and Sackhoff will be on the road until October 30, when they’ll disembark in New Orleans for the Voo Doo Music Festival. Are you following their journey?