Portia DeGeneres on “Good Morning America”

It may be only a seven minute segment compared to her hour on Oprah on Monday, but Portia DeGeneres‘ interview on Good Morning America today gives us yet more insight to her life and struggle with eating disorders as written in Unbearable Lightness. GMA shows photos of Portia as a 12-year-old model, and Robin Roberts asks about the paparazzi that forced Portia out of the closet a few years ago.

Here’s the entire interview.

“I still don’t think I’m perfect, but I accept the fact that I’m not perfect,” Portia told Robin. The message in her book, she says, is self-acceptance. Here’s hoping that those who don’t take the time to read her book will learn something from her speaking out in these interviews, including her cover story in People this week.

Portia’s press tour continues on Ellen tomorrow. Set your DVR!