Olivia Wilde definitely returning to “House,” but should she?

If you like your misanthropic doctor with a side of one of the most beautiful women in the world, you’re in luck. Olivia Wilde promises she is returning to House.

The star of the Fox medical drama has been on leave most of the season shooting a series of movies. And as the high-profile film roles started to pile up, many of us wondered if she would indeed ever make it back to Princeton Plainsboro. She told Entertainment Weekly last week:

I am coming back to House. This season, as a matter of fact. It is a done deal. I have been really lucky this year to be offered all these great film opportunities and I was also blessed to have a job in TV that really worked with me to get me to a place where I could do those films and not miss those opportunities like Tron.

Olivia’s big screen adventures are just getting started with Tron Legacy slated for release next month. While on leave she has worked on Butter with Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Garner, Cowboys & Aliens with Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford, The Change-Up with Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds and Now with Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried.

But with all those big movies in the pipeline, the question naturally becomes: Should Olivia return to House? The rest of the world seems to be catching up to what many a gay lady has known since The O.C., namely that Olivia is a star. So does returning to House in a secondary role make sense? Will they force her back into some sort of Snoreteen Foreteen redux? To hear Olivia tell it, they have something interesting planned.

They have it all worked out and the viewers will find out where she went and why she left. I think it is an interesting progression for her. Thirteen has been through a lot so it has to be escalated. She has Huntington’s. She had a brain tumor and went blind. She had a bad breakup. She’s sexually ambiguous. She had problems with drugs. I thought, “What else can (creator) David Shore possibly come up with?’ They had to take it to a whole new level. They are really taking some big risks this year, which is exciting.

Here’s a big risk, how about putting her in a relationship with another woman that isn’t a sign of reckless and self-destructive behavior? And, because I’ll never be able to let it go, how about those 20 seconds back?

So, what do you think? Happy about Olivia’s return to House? Think she should stay in the pictures? Either way, can we put in a special request for her to play gay again? Pretty please.