Notable quotables from Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch recently talked to the press, via a FOX conference call, to field questions about all things Sue, Glee and Jane. Here are some notable quotes from the call: You have a hit TV show, tons of film credits, a mantle full of acting awards, and you got married. What’s next? Direct an episode of Glee? Star in a Broadway musical? Swim with manatees?

Jane Lynch: What I have set my sights on these days is living as much in the present as I can. I want to go to Italy with the family and eat. Work-wise, other than Glee, if I love it, I’ll do it!

Jane Lynch and wife Lara Embry

On Glee following the Super Bowl:

Football is very masculine and basically, to me, anyway, a metaphor for war. And then you’ve got these “light in your loafers” guys – and I’m talking about even the straight guys – singing and dancing. I think it’s a terrific world we live in and I love seeing these two things come together.

Does Sue find love on Glee‘s Valentine’s Day episode:
I am not in that next episode, so I will be finding no love. I’m on the bench, to use a football metaphor, for that next Valentine’s episode.

On what’s in store for Sue this season:

Sue had a devastating summer, suffered a devastating loss [with the defection of Cheerios, Quinn, Brittany and Santana]. She becomes dangerously depressed, where she’s more violent than usual. They get her to join the Glee Club to lift her spirits. And raising her voice in song kind of lifts her out of her depression. So, I’m actually in the Glee Club for a while.

On whether the scripts ever go too far:

Every script I read I go, “You’ve got to be kidding.” It always goes too far. Look at how mean I get and how everybody lets me get away with it. It’s all ridiculous and I love it. I’m glad I’m not writing it, because I would have made it more realistic and I would have given [Sue] altruistic motivations. It’s a good thing I’m not writing television. Let’s just put it that way.

On her favorite Glee character:

I’m loving Coach Beiste. I love how big her heart is, and I love how selfless she is. And heroic.

On her favorite Sue quote:

“Loving musical theater doesn’t make you gay, it just makes you awful.”

On Sue’s delusions of grandeur:

In the last episode of the first season, Olivia Newton John and Josh Grobin are the celebrity judges with me and they said to Sue, “We’re flying back to LA tonight, first class. Where are you going?”

Sue will never be flying first class and she will never go to LA. I think she has grand ambitions, but I think she knows that she will never be anything bigger than a Lime, Ohio coach and a terror at this high school.

On whether she will ever start tweeting:

I won’t be getting on Twitter because I really don’t understand it. I mean, I understand it, but it’s too overwhelming. And what else do you want me to do? Say something to fans? Keep watching Glee.

On working with Lauren Potter (Becky):
She has really good comedic timing. She understands. Nothing gets by her. And she has a daily crush, a severe crush on some boy, like John Stamos. She says we have to call her Mrs. John Stamos.