Dev talks The Dinah, her “Booty Bounce” and the inspiration behind “Like a G6”

Got a case of the winter-time blahs? There’s a cure for that! As the beginning of spring rolls around, lesbians from all over the nation flock to Palm Springs for the annual lesbo-palooza that is The Dinah . Club Skirts promoter Mariah Hanson has put together an entertainment lineup sure to get you on the dancefloor and (most likely) getting freaky.

Co-headlining the event is Dev, a relative newcomer to the scene causing chart explosions with her collaborative single, “Like a G6″ with the group Far East Movement. We got the chance to ask her some questions and get to know what’s in store for the upcoming Dinah performance.

AfterEllen: I’m excited to hear that you’re headlining at The Dinah! When you were approached to do the event, what were your first thoughts?

Dev: I was excited, totally stoked it should be a good show and a lot of fun.

AE: Had you heard of The Dinah event before?

Dev: Once or twice before, but not too much before that.

AE: Do you have a good amount of lesbian friends?

Dev: I kind of hang out with all guys.

AE: Well then it should be a really interesting experience for you since you’ll be surrounded by them!

Dev: I love lesbians! [Laughs] Yeah they’re the coolest and most accepting crowd. I did this party once in San Francisco, at the Rickshaw I want to say. I think it was there, but I remember going in worried, but then it ended up being one of the funnest parties I’ve ever performed at. So I think this should be good.

AE: Have you had a chance to perform with or meet any of the other acts playing with you?

Dev: I’ve heard of the other groups, I haven’t worked with them though. Natalia Kills and I did a show together for Perez Hilton but I had to leave right after my set so we didn’t get to hang out which I was really bummed about. I’m actually really looking forward to this event – I’m excited to do a show with all females around, I’ve never had that experience. I’m always around guys. [Laughs]

AE: I think you’ll probably fit in really well. Since this is your first Dinah, what are your thoughts on lube wrestling? There will be some there.

Dev: Oh wow, that sounds absolutely f-ing amazing! I would love to watch some lube wrestling.

AE: Is it something you’d participate in?

Dev: Uh no, strictly a bystander of that operation. But I’d love to watch.

AE: I know this is probably a dumb question but I don’t have any shame: What is a G6 and why is it so fly?

Dev: It’s like the highest form of a private jet airplane.

AE: That’s probably why I don’t know anything about it.

Dev: Ha, yeah, it’s probably a little corny, but we were really stoned when we wrote it.

AE: Well it works well. I have a feeling most of the songs I like were probably written while someone was stoned.

Dev: Yeah it’s all good.

AE: So besides the club anthems that the ladies already probably know, are there any other songs you’re psyched on that they should download right this second and choreograph a dance to get ready for your show?

Dev: I’m excited to perform “Booty Bounce” because that usually is a funny song to perform for females. Most of the time everybody bounces their booties, so that’s kind of hot. “Bass Down Low” is always a lot of fun to perform too – that’s a booty shaker. I have a couple of little secret electronic ballady songs I’m going to throw in there. But yeah, playing for a bunch of really hot females, “Booty Bounce” is probably going to excite me the most.

AE: Can you give us an idea of what you might be wearing for the performance? I’m assuming, or at least hoping for your sake that it’ll be hot out when you’re there.

Dev: Well, right now I’m planning on wearing some short shorts and a bra and maybe just a shirt over? I’m not really sure yet but it’ll definitely be something hot. I just got my hair cut again, so I’m totally back on my game right now. It’ll be good.

You can catch Dev and her boys The Cataracs at the Friday night White Diamonds Party at The Dinah.