Peaches Geldof, a sexually free socialite

Peaches Geldof is more famous in the UK, but the socialite/daughter of rocker Bob Goldof and TV star Paula Yates has been making her way into American tabloids in the past two years. She’s only 21-years old, but she’s written numerous nightlife and fashion pieces for magazines like Elle Girl and Nylon magazine, as well as creating/hosting reality TV shows about her life (Peaches Geldof: Teenage Mind in 2005, Peaches Geldof: Teen America in 2006, Peaches: Disappear Here in 2008 and Fearne and….Peaches Geldof in 2009).

One of the more interesting facts about Peaches is that she is quite open and playful when it comes her sexuality. Though she’s been married once before (to Max Drummey from 2008-2009) and dated horror film director Eli Roth, Peaches often flirts with the idea of being with women. And, over the weekend, she gave an interview in which she discussed having dated a transman. She told The Daily Mirror:

I went on a date with a boy and it turned out the boy used to be a girl. And I was quite into it to be honest with you.
He just told me on the first date [and] I did see him again. I just think it’s cool – I embrace any sort of multiculturalism, any sort of sexuality, it fascinates me.

Despite the fact that multiculturalism might not come into play here (though it arguably could, as we know nothing else about the person she is referring to), it is an interesting piece of information to hear from a young socialite (who also happens to be a Scientologist). But if she will be taken seriously is another story. Up until now, her references to being not-so-straight have appeared to be for show, including her sharing kisses with girlfriends (of the platonic type) while paparazzi were around to catch them. She also took to Facebook in 2009 to announce she’d “married” her female DJ friend. (It wasn’t real, of course, and some took it to mean she was making fun of Lindsay Lohan, who was dating Samantha Ronson at the time.)

Rumors about Peaches continue to circulate, as she is very affectionate with same-sex friends. However, the same year she was Facebooking about her fake-marriage to a friend and photographed kissing women, she told The Guardian that all the gossip about her isn’t true, saying:

All of it … that I’m this drug-addicted, shoplifting, bisexual, husband-cheating-on diva.

An anonymous “friend” of Peaches told the press, “She’s just having fun. It’s obviously cool to be bisexual. And Peaches is clearly the epitome of cool.”

Could Peaches be under that same impression — “bisexuality is cool, so I might as well be trendy”? Perhaps, but taking her at her word, she isn’t bisexual but she has no rules when it comes to who she will or won’t date. She seems very sexually free in general, considering she’s also posed for two very provocative and lesbianish photospreads: one for Agent Provacateur and the other for W magazine.

As a household name in Great Britain, Peaches’ love life is often followed and scrutinized by the press, and being so young, she’s judged as a role model for the young girls that tune into her shows or read her Twitter. While it’s arguable as to if she should be idolized for any talents she may possess, her openness about a possibly straight-but-not-narrow sexuality is encouraging, especially when many of her fans (or even critics) deem every move she makes newsworthy. It’s refreshing to hear something other than denial once in a while, especially when so many others in her generation likely feel similarly when it comes to their sexuality: “Any sort of sexuality fascinates me.”

What do you think about Peaches telling the press she once dated an FTM? Is she playing up her sexually-free side for attention, or do you think she’s being open and honest?