Jane Lynch talks “Happy Accidents,” coming out and internalized homophobia

To borrow a dear friend’s expression, Jane Lynch is “made of awesome.” And just when you get a hint of how amazing the Glee star is, she finds a way to redefine amazing. Lynch does just that in a new interview with TheWrap in which she discusses her forthcoming book and what her thoughts are in hosting the Emmys.

Titled Happy Accidents, Lynch reveals that she penned the book with her wife, Lara Embry, and will offer accounts of the struggles she has faced in her personal and professional life, including coming out.

She tells TheWrap that gay kids “who are out there in places where there’s homophobia” will likely find value in her book, and that she “dealt with my own internalized homophobia, and I tell that story and I think kids might get hope out of that.”

See what I mean there about redefining amazing and made of awesome?

Instead of using her A-lister status to write a throw-away title filled with clichés about her rise to the top and struggles to make it big or umpteen other Hollywood tales we’ve heard a bazillion times, Happy Accidents will make it better – and do so with what’s sure to be Lynch’s trademark wit and humor.

If the three questions discussing the book in TheWrap interview are any indicator, Lynch is truly going to open up in a way we’ve yet to hear from the former improv comic.

Need another example of how much she truly gets it? She says the book is about “my struggles, and how hard I made it on myself in some ways. I was very self critical, and didn’t have any faith in life or in the world, and I felt very alone a lot of the time.”

She knows because she’s been there. And if the eleventy million It Gets Better videos haven’t convinced you how much things are bound to improve in your life, listen to Lynch because she knows what she’s talking about.

Beyond the book, Lynch said that she immediately agreed to host September’s Emmy Awards and, while talks haven’t begun on just what she’ll be doing as host, she knows she can always find relief and comfort in the words of The Brady Bunch’s Carol Brady (“Be nice to everybody, do your work, be over-prepared, and let it take care of itself.“).

As for Glee’s upcoming third season, Lynch would only reveal that Sue Sylvester could be running for Congress and that Santana (Naya Rivera), Brittany (Heather Morris) and company will be seniors and she’s “sworn off humiliating and chasing around the glee club and will “put her targets elsewhere.”

I don’t know about you, but Jane Lynch would have my vote for anything. Are you excited to read her book?