Styled Out: Fashion from musicians

Hot ladies of the land of music, whether you are a gay or we just wish that you were, Styled Out tips its hat to you in this week’s edition.

Fashionably Feminine

Annie Clark of the magically dark St.Vincent graces the cover of Spin’s Style Issue — and with good reason.

Have you looked at this girl? Impeccable taste paired with an exceptionally cute cut, well-suited for her ringlets. Well done!

Comfortably Hip

Tegan and Sara (and this goes without saying) are at the top of a lot of lesbo lists for their fashion sense, and their merch shop is a pretty good representation of tasteful ticky-tacky.

Plus-Size Pretty

Did you know that Beth Ditto is a straight up style icon in the UK? She is in the U.S. to some extent, but she’s at a Britney Spears-status level across the pond. Girl has walked the runway for Jean Paul Gaultier, designed a line for fashion giant Evans and will launch a second in September. The new line is described as such: “Victoriana ruffles will be juxtaposed with punk-plaid; 1940s, post-war prints, with the Noughties body-con look.” Dang girl!

Masculine Flair

Have you listened to Lovers yet? Why not? They have rad style. Butch ladies, I salute you.

Do any of these styles strike your fancy?