The out women of the VMAs

Lady Gaga may have stolen the show with her all-out-drag alter-ego but she wasn’t the only queer woman in attendance. You might have noticed these ladies, who were a smaller part of the show but just as crucial in the LGBT visibility, especially considering there were some homophobic artists like Chris Brown and Tyler the Creator performing and taking home awards.

Jessie J may have broken her foot, but that wasn’t keeping her from performing during breaks in the show. She sang her own songs, covers and old school jams like “No Scrubs.”

Kreayshawn was up for Best New Artist but lost to Tyler the Creator. She Tweeted that she was OK about it because she respected the “funk outta him.”

Speaking of Tyler, his crew, Odd Future, includes out lesbian DJ Syd tha Kid. She joined the group on stage to celebrate his win. (She’s in the white tank top.)

Out bisexual model Amber Rose was in attendance with her boyfriend/nominee Wiz Kalifa.

Were you happy to see women who identify as gay or bisexual part of the fold this year? I was!