Styled Out: How do you like your Kristen Stewart?

So, I’m a pretty big Twilight fan. I know, I know, some of you will scoff and disagree with the awesomeness that is viewing the magic on the big screen. I, for one, am more than pumped for the release of Breaking Dawn and intend to see it as soon as humanly possible (pun intended). But there’s few who will dispute the absolute hotness that is Kristen Stewart.

Kristen is gracing the cover of this month’s Italian Vogue and she’s banging hot. These people obviously had their heads screwed on straight when selecting her for the job, because not only is she her usual brand of gorgeous but they vamped her out — literally.

The actress is known for her tied together yet causal style in an every day sense, and I appreciate her execution of the more dressed down duds, maybe even more so than when she gets all fancied up. I won’t turn my nose up at the photos in the spread, though! I mean, really. It’s like she takes t-shirts to this whole different level that I didn’t know existed until I saw her wearing one properly or something.

How do you prefer your Kristen? High fashion or toned down?