Wildfang goes Wild for Feminism

Wildfang‘s new campaign is one that will really resonate with queer women, especially on International Women’s Day. The F Word is all about feminism, and celebrating that there is more than one way to be a feminist, as evident in their super cool series focusing on self-professed feminists. Suffice to say, we’re pretty wild about it all.

93dc1c0b-abf8-407e-8b4d-83dd51edfb9dWildfang Wild Feminist T ($40)

Out trans man Jeremy and LGBTQIQ+ activist Shannon share why they were a part of Wildfang’s new campaign:

Jeremy: Calling myself a feminist helps me to redefine what it means to be a man, how to be an ally to women, people of color, LGBTQ and other marginalized groups of people.

Shannon: I am a feminist because I recognize that oppression of women has lead to many of the downfalls of contemporary American culture. When hearing from women leading movements, we hear change must happen. When hearing from women of color, we hear even more radical change must occur. When listening to trans and queer women of color, we hear a call to action and call to social justice that involves every institution our country is built upon. There is no other way to heal from the past that does not include listening to those most oppressed.



the f word-jerermy

Stripper/activist/writer Elle (left) on why she’s a feminist:

“People don’t understand that sex work is a true model for how consent SHOULD work… I provide access to my time and body in exchange for money. I am a gatekeeper for this access, and my clients do not receive service if they do not respect me or my boundaries.”


the f word-elle

There are some also more unlikely photos of feminists in the series as well, which is the point. Feminism isn’t just for white women; it’s for everyone. 

“In the lead up to this shoot, we did research and outreach with our community that made it clear that there was ambiguity, fear, passion and confusion associated with the word ‘feminism,'” says Wildfang Creative Director Taralyn Thuot. “We wanted to set the record straight. So we shot a group of self-identifying but unexpected feminists in really authentic yet provocative situations to challenge perceptions and start conversations.”

Fatmah, activist/studentthe f word-fatmah

Alicia, Miss Arizonathe f word-alicia

Ace, father
the f word-ace

You can check out the rest of the photos and bios on Wildfang’s blog.