New Lesbian Motherhood Device on the AfterEllen Podcast

Aidn on the AfterEllen Podcast
Founder Dione Wren on the AfterEllen Podcast

There’s a new device for at-home conception that ought to bring some intimacy and sensuality in what is all-too often a sterile medical experience. Lesbian couples looking to become mothers deserve better than the feet in the stirrups thing where the doctor and patient are closer than wives or girlfriends. Moms deserve better! We spoke with inventor Dione Wren, who designed the Aid’n. The Aid’n looks like a high-end dildo, and holds a pipette inside the base. It works with a harness or alone, and aims to be so much more than a sex toy.



Home insemination device Aid'n
Aid’n home insemination device

We spoke with Dione about how she developed the device, how it works, and who’s using it! Listen to the full story.