Checking In with Sports Lesbians During Quarantine

Another Lesbian Visibility Day has come and gone. By now, I’m sure we’re all aware of all the lesbian athletes, all 500 of them. I kid, but during these trying times we don’t get to see them doing their thing due to sports being cancelled and all. but that doesn’t mean they aren’t keeping busy. Let’s check in on our favorite out sports lesbians shall we?

Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe

With both the NWSL and the WNBA effectively cancelling their seasons, Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe have found other ways to keep busy. The couple, currently quarantined together, have launched something of a Saturday night talk show called A Touch More with Sue and Megan. The couple share memes, tell stories, answer fan questions and even have guests during their little Instagram Live show. Aside from that, Megan has also been keeping busy by speaking to politicians about the current pandemic. Thus far, she’s spoken to Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and California Governor Gavin Newsom. Being stuck inside isn’t going to stop Pinoe from voicing her political opinions. She’s also been busy promoting Re-Inc, the lifestyle fashion brand she started with fellow soccer players Tobin Heath, Christen Press, and Meghan Klingenberg. Meanwhile, Sue has featured on several podcasts talking about things like how COVID-19 has affected women’s sports and the remotely held WNBA draft.

You can check out A Touch More by following either Sue or Megan on Instagram.

Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger

WoSo’s golden couple have managed to stay occupied during lockdown. They even popped into one of Sue and Megan’s Insta Live sessions. Apart from that, they’ve both regularly been sharing their quarantine activities on social media. From home work outs, to sharing shenanigans caused by their two dogs, they’re doing their best to keep busy. The couple have also done several remote interviews together, talking not only about the state of sports during the pandemic but their lives as a married couple. Their December wedding seems like eons ago… Anyway, once you regain your concept of time, be sure to follow them both on Instagram so you never miss their stories. You might just be treated to a video of a ping-ping ball pelting Ali right in the forehead as she tries to catch it. Not even two-time World Cup champions are good at everything.

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Babe, can you Belieber it’s day 15 of quarantine?!

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Sam Kerr and Nikki Stanton

The face of women’s soccer in Australia is currently quarantined with her girlfriend and Chicago Red Stars teammate, Nikki Stanton. The couple have shared pictures of their cat, TikTok challenges, and glimpses into their day-to-day. Just because there’s no football doesn’t stop these ladies from keeping with their workout routine. You know what they say, the couple that works out together, stays together. Okay, no one says that, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true in this case. It seems Nikki has taken up knitting while Sam is perfecting her signature goal celebration, the backflip. The couple’s latest post reminds everyone to wear face masks when going out. Thanks for the reminder, ladies. It’s much appreciated. Follow them on Instagram so you never miss a story.

Daria Berenato

Lack of a live audience isn’t going to stop WWE superstar Daria Berenato, aka Sonya Deville, from throwing hands and taking names. SmackDown still airs weekly sans crowd, which means she’s working to keep fans entertained. When she isn’t in the ring, she’s running her clothing line Rainbow Love with the hope of removing the stigma of talking about mental illness and reminding people they aren’t alone in their struggles. If that wasn’t enough, she has a YouTube channel, Damandyz Donuts, where she tries the country’s best donuts during her travels. While her donut hunting might be on hiatus, you can still watch her every week on SmackDown Live.

Elena Delle Donne

Just because the WNBA season is gone doesn’t mean the players can’t have fun? Elena Delle Donne is certainly making the most of lockdown by playing with her dog and doing various social media challenges. But there are only so many challenges one can do. So what’s a pro basketball player to do? The same thing the rest of us seem to be doing. Bake. On her Instagram, Delle Donne announced her baking show BakEDD. We see what you did there. Every Wednesday at 4:30 EDT, she’ll bake something new and hopes you’ll follow along. In fact, she’s already posted the ingredient list for her first episode.

But When Will Sports Return From the War?

I wish I could give you a definite date, but it seems like we won’t get much sports action for the remainder of the year. Not to worry though, you can still see your favorite sports lesbians in action. The USWNT, NWSL, and WNBA are all replaying classic games and the WWE is still. Many of our favs are also doing their best to keep busy by working on other projects. And isn’t it nice to see their other passions? Whenever sports do return, we know our lesbians will be back to killing it. It’s what they do best.