Sports Cast: Last of Us II, WNSL and WNBA

AfterEllen Sports cast

The AfterEllen Sports Cast is BACK. This week sports writer Gabriella Alejandro and Editor in Chief Jocelyn Macdonald review what’s current in quarantine sports.

We talk the release of Last of Us II, the PlayStation game we were promised would deliver the lesbian representation. Instead it delivered hardcore violence and a very poorly timed message about “hate” and humanity. We tried to tell you!

We also talk the social justice agenda of the WNBA. On the one hand, pandering is cringe, but on the other, demonstrating a commitment to equality is crucial right now. They’ll be playing in a special tourney in Florida for the rest of the shortened season.

And speaking of social justice, NWSL players are taking a knee and using their platforms to advocate for racial justice. That’s just one more reason we’re super glad our gals are back on the field for the Challenge Cup.