The L Word Generation Q Recap – S1E7 “Lose It All”

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Sophie, sudsy and soft curves, deserves just a little attention. But Dani is deep in this morning’s roster of campaign phone calls. Finley steps into the bathroom to show off her lustrous armpit locks and comments on Dani’s hotness. To be honest, I don’t see any chemistry between them, they’re bros, not baes, but it’s obvious they are headed for an affair.

The sister wives are getting along great, except Alice doesn’t want them to watch TV without her.

Over at Dana’s, Bette, Tina and Shane are meeting for their morning rendez-vous without Alice. Alice is still mad at Bette, but Tina knows she’ll eventually forgive her. Yeah, Tina’s thirsty eyes say she’s forgiven and forgotten Bette’s many betrayals.

Shane is happily in love with Quiara but visibly uncomfortable with the fact that she and Kiara will be going to hear the baby’s heartbeat today. Cue Bette and Tina gushing over their prenatal joys. They are headed for an affair, for sure, and Shane is headed for the door on daddy duty.

At the hospital watching over her grandma and her family, Sophie is tough and strong and ready to care for everyone with coffee and snacks. Alone though, she’s breaking down. That’s when Finley swoops in. Dani had offered to go to the hospital, but it’s Finley that Sophie really needed for support. Finley’s efforts to be a good friend are such a nice departure from the extremely selfish, clueless drunk she has been portrayed so far.

At the doctor’s office, Shane is clumsily destroying a plastic model of a uterus. This is actually a requirement for all first-ultrasound-scenes, but in this case it’s truly groundbreaking because the dad character has permanently smoked-out eyeliner and a shaggy cut that screams ‘big dyke energy.’ Shane says the baby’s heartbeat sounds like a stampede of horses through mud. Strange metaphor on the part of the writers, but it says something about the noise, mess, and a loss of control that pretty much sums up what Shane hates about the idea of bringing home babies.

Alice is in the studio ready to be the boss and fire the ding dong male inexplicably on her staff, but she’s deflated when she finds out that her ratings are low enough that Alice might get canceled. It’s the ding dong that thinks they can pull it off, just like the Colbert Report after its first dismal season!

Bette and Tina are enjoying a delicious homemade meal when Bette, with new levels of audacity, invites Tina to move in. You know, just so she can be near Angie and stuff. Well, tough to break it to you Bette, but Tina is going to marry Sarah. Bette takes it as best she can, that is with a tall glass of white wine in the red wine’s old glass. Bette showing off her ability to be like common people, at least when distressed.

Nat and Gigi are enjoying a night at home while Alice is out working. Nat, seeing Gigi be such a good mom, realizes she never let Gigi apologize for being a bad wife, and she never gave her a chance to be good. They get it on, without Alice, for the first time since becoming a thruple. If they couldn’t watch a show without Alice, how will she take it to hear about the absolutely sublime head Gigi gave Nat? Honestly, Alice doesn’t seem like the type to care, but thruples are made for drama.

At the hospital, Sophie’s rock remains Finley, with Dani off the radar. Finley, continuing to show her selfless lovey side, offers to PRAY with Sophie! Prayer! The Catholic trauma thing that kept her from loving the priest! Looks like for Sophie, anything is on the table.

Dani comes home and Finley tells her she should have gone to the hospital. Dani acts like this is incredibly offensive, even though it’s reasonable that Sophie would have trouble asking for support. Dani isn’t like other people. She’s busy. She ends up at the hospital, but not 15 seconds after hugging Sophie hello, she gets a work text. A smear ad has gone live against Bette. Time again to drop everything!

Dani is despairing to Bette. If only Bette would come out with an attack ad, they’d be able to fix this. I’m sorry but there has never in history been an attack ad as clever as “Bette Porter: She’s not afraid to sleep with your wife.” There’s no point in trying to top that, Dani! Give up.

Alice comes home to her girlfriends in bed without her. This is actually not OK and not what Alice and Nat had talked about. Alice goes to Shane’s house to cool off, and runs into Bette. Some yelling happens — ‘which is more embarrassing? An affair or a thruple?’ — and just like that, the 2-week long fight is processed.

Nat leaves Alice a long voicemail. She needs some space. Not enough room in that bed, obvs! Alice gets lunch with her one-time better thirds, but things are not looking all happily ever after now. Gigi and Nat have worked through a lot of their issues! And that’s how they are sure they’re ready to move forward with Alice by their side.

Alice and her endless lineup of incredibly chic glasses. She’s not happy to have been the catalyst of their divorce rehash, and all the super lesbian processing that’s come of it. It’s over! I never really liked Nat or thought she was right for Alice, but now that she’s walked away from the thruple, I realize this has been the best, juiciest storyline of L Word the Reboot. Is it really over?

Back at the hospital, Finley is finally off-duty for grandma watch. But as she’s leaving, the long day of support, being seen, of coffee and snacks, becomes too damn sexy for Sophie. She pulls Finley in, and they do one of those three-stage movie kisses: tentative, passionate, and hands on face/in hair.

Somewhere in Beverly Hills you know Dani and Bette are going to get to the bottom of their whiskeys and go in for the kiss. But for that, we have to wait for the next episode.

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