The L Word: Generation Q Recap – Season 2 Episode 10 “Last Call”

Buckle up, because we have a lot to cover from this season finale! Imagine a confetti cannon being shot off, but the confetti is the number of times you make exaggerated facial features while watching. Left and right, folks– it’s going down. I ate up every anticipated minute of it. Don’t judge me — or do — I don’t care. 

(L-R): Rosanny Zayas as Sophie and Leo Sheng as Micah in THE L WORD: GENERATION Q “Last Call”. Photo Credit: Paul Sarkis/SHOWTIME.

Sophie is gathered with Shane, Tess, Micah and Alice. It’s intervention time. Finley is stupefied to see the roomful of less-than-cheery faces awaiting her. They don’t waste any time getting to the point: suggesting Finley go to rehab on Alice’s dime. Finley bristles with defensiveness and is in absolute denial. Heartbroken Sophie tries one last plea, and an, “I love you.” Finley comes back with an “F you, I’m not going,” and walks out the front door. I felt the sting of that one. 

Jealousy rears its head as Pippa admits to her reservations about her relationship with Bette. She doesn’t want to be used by Bette, who might just be trying to convince herself that she is over Tina. Bette assures Pippa her instincts are wrong, but Pippa remains unconvinced. You and the rest of us, Pippa.

A very unrealistic sex scene between Shane and Tess goes down, if you catch my drift. Cheers for their decision to fire Finley from the bar, though. Tess drops a bombshell saying a move to Vegas is necessary. Tess wonders if they can make a long distance relationship work or would Shane consider moving too? 

(L-R): Leisha Hailey as Alice and Katherine Moennig as Shane in THE L WORD: GENERATION Q “Last Call”. Photo Credit: Paul Sarkis/SHOWTIME.

Alice gets trashed by a critic and ditches her planned date with Tom in anger. Shane tells Alice this is the first time she isn’t putting out a character and she’s putting her real self out there. When that vulnerability gets rejected, it hurts. Real talk, Sis. 

Bette lectures Shane on having to fight for real love and Shane claps back asking if Bette’s referring to Pippa or Tina. A hypothetical question is then proposed: if Tina showed up on Bette’s doorstep declaring her love, what would Bette do? Bette doesn’t fold her cards though, she won’t tell us anything until she’s good and ready. Shane gives a nudge, confessing Carrie’s disclosures. If Bette has any inclinations towards wanting to be with Tina, Shane urges, now is the time to act. 

Gigi accompanies Dani to the courthouse, who’s been subpoenaed to take the stand in her father’s defense. Anxiety overcomes Dani as she watches the proceedings and endures her father’s glares. Dani’s unraveling and, at her urging, Gigi escorts her out of the courtroom. They are followed out by Mr. Nunez’s attorney, who warns that Dani could be held in contempt if she leaves.  Gigi goes full lioness on the attorney and hustles Dani out of there. Where can I find a protector like Gigi? I’m not asking for a friend. 

(L-R): Jordan Hull as Angie, Brook’Lynn Sanders as Kayla and Sophie Giannamore as Jordie in THE L WORD: GENERATION Q “Last Call”. Photo Credit: Paul Sarkis/SHOWTIME.

Angie is coping with Marcus’s death. She and Jordi go together to visit with Marcus’s daughter, Kayla, who shares that she found the list of questions Angie had written for Marcus. Her family answered everything on the list on his behalf. Kayla starts reading the stories aloud and Angie’s face lights up. My heart just melted all over the floor.

The bar is packed for Alice’s self-thrown book tour going away party. Tom shows up after the ditched date and accepts Alice’s apology, again. Tom is like a puppy who just keeps coming back, but I can’t even be mad at him for it because I used to be the exact same way. 

“I’ve never had roots like this before,” Shane tells Tess as she looks around her bar, signaling her inability to move to Vegas. Shane admits that she is in love. Tess is too. “I have to go and you have to stay.” Will there be a season three without Tess? Is it too early to celebrate?

(L-R): Laurel Holloman as Tina, Rosie O’Donnell as Carrie and Jennifer Beals as Bette in THE L WORD: GENERATION Q “Last Call”. Photo Credit: Paul Sarkis/SHOWTIME.

Bette and Tina are left alone at the party, as Carrie goes for drinks.  Bette wastes no time asking Tina why she asked if Bette’s still in love with her. Carrie interrupts just as Bette’s going to admit she wants to try again with Tina. Carrie freaks out and Tina says she doesn’t expect Carrie to measure up to Bette. Oof. In one fell swoop, Carrie calls it- she can’t do this anymore, Tina blames Bette and tells her off and walks out, and we pan to Pippa who then justifiably tells Bette she knew it and leaves. 

Finley tries to prove she doesn’t have a problem by going out binge drinking herself into oblivion and hitting the clubs mid day. Sophie gets to her Mom’s house to move in after deciding she’s over it.  Surprise, Finley is sitting on the couch! She apologizes and agrees to go to rehab. I’m cheering for you, baby! Sophie drops her off and promises to be there when Fin gets out.

Bette’s at home, skipping the CAC opening gala. She has a gift for Angie, an oil painting from her Dad. Okay, I’m crying. Angie convinces Bette to go to the gala because life is short and, “we’ve got to make big moves.”

Alice and Tom are boarding a plane and Alice finds an engagement ring in his pocket as she puts his jacket into the overhead compartment while he’s in the bathroom. The desire to u-haul is more universal than we thought. 

(L-R): Sepideh Moafi as Gigi and Arienne Mandi as Dani in THE L WORD: GENERATION Q “Last Call”. Photo Credit: Paul Sarkis/SHOWTIME.

Gigi takes Dani to meet the entire extended family and Dani seemingly fits right into the huge, lively Ghorbani bunch. As Gigi and Dani enjoy each other and the night’s success, police arrive at the restaurant to arrest Dani for criminal contempt of court. I guess Gigi was too brazen in her brushing off of the lawyer’s threats. Dani has had one heck of a tumultuous year.

Simultaneously we watch Bette getting ready for the Gala, and Pippa walking the gala red carpet. The media asks Pippa, “are you waiting for anyone?” and she looks around. Back to Bette, who is opening her front door to rush to the gala. Hold up! Tina has arrived at that moment and is standing there asking to come in. Bette’s face flashes every emotion. The moment we have waited for since our iconic show started back up.

As of yet, a renewal of L Word: Generation Q has not been confirmed or announced. That’s the real suspense.

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