Top 10 Lesbian TV Couples

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When we get a TV lesbian couple, they’re quick to reach iconic status. Mainly because we just don’t get them very often so we latch on like our lives depend on it. But even with the handful of ships we have, we all have our favorites. But which couple tops the list? Luckily for you, I had a lot of time on my hands to rank the top 10 lesbian TV couples.

10. Karolina Dean and Nino Minoru (Marvel’s Runaways)

Who doesn’t love a good superhero lesbian couple? Over three seasons, fans got to watch Karolina embrace her light while Nico embraced her darkness. Literally and figuratively. often times, when a superhero comes to accept they are different, it can be a metaphor for accepting one’s sexuality. But Karolina became a literal rainbow shortly before coming out as a lesbian. Can’t get any clearer than that. Then she got herself a short, angry goth girlfriend. We love a height difference. Watching them run around the streets of Los Angeles fighting bad guys then coming home at night to snuggle in bed is the reason they’re on this list.

9. Max and Anne Bonny (Black Sails)

Sapphic TV couple Max and Anne

You might be thinking, “Gabs, again with Max from Black Sails?” Can a lesbian live, please! Do you like beautiful women wearing historical costumes? Do you like women who dress like pirates? This couple is for you. Sure, they had a rocky start and there was always a lot of drama. It was definitely a complicated relationship considering Anne’s unwillingness to cut ties with the man who saved her life. But the reason this relationship ended up on this list is because of their ending. Max is presented with a opportunity to gain insane amounts of money and control of Nassau. The catch? She must marry a man. Even though it’s explained to her that it’s just for show and she need not have relations with him, she turns it down. And when Anne asks her why, she simply states she couldn’t marry a man even if it’s just for show. And she refuses to do anything that would get in the way of their relationship. Isn’t that sweet?

8. Santana Lopez and Brittany Pierce (Glee)

Santana Lopez and Britney Pierce

Many of us want to forget that absolute chaos that was Glee. But you can’t deny that it gave us one of the most iconic lesbian couples to ever appear on a teen drama. There had never been a lesbian like Santana. She was confident, brash, and didn’t take any nonsense from anyone. Her coming out resonated with a lot of younger lesbians at the time. And once she was out, she was so unapologetically gay. Meanwhile, Brittany always seemed to be in her own world. No one really understood her. Except Santana. Then there were the song and dance numbers. When was the last time you saw a lesbian couple singing a duet and dancing together? It was probably these two on Glee. 

7. Haruka Tenoh “Sailor Uranus” and Michiru Kaioh “Sailor Neptune” (Sailor Moon)

Lesbian TV Couple Haruka and Michiru

For many baby dykes, Haruka Tenoh was the first time they’d ever seen a butch lesbian. Whether it was in the manga or the anime, Haruka wasn’t afraid to be gender non-conforming. Not to mention, it wasn’t uncommon for her to pull up in an anime Lambo. And her girlfriend Michiru was perhaps the highest of femmes. If she wasn’t putting on a classical concert, she was painting the next Mona Lisa. They may not have had the same interests, but it didn’t matter. What mattered was they both believed in fighting for the greater good. Their relationship was made a little less intense in the anime. But not much less as they still flirted relentlessly and made inside jokes about their relationship. Going on cute dates during the day, then fighting evil by moonlight? Relationship goals.

6. Cosima Niehaus and Delphine Cormier (Orphan Black)

Cosima and Delphine

We are on our way to taking over the sci-fi genre, aren’t we ladies? And who could forget the whirlwind that was Orphan Black starring Tatiana Maslany, Tatiana Maslany, and Tatiana Maslany featuring special guest star Tatiana Maslany. The show about a group of clones trying to survive multiple hostile organizations features one lesbian clone, Dr. Cosima Niehaus. And it would’ve been a damn crime if it didn’t. Her love interest, Dr. Delphine Cormier was her monitor. But we all know it didn’t stay that way for long. These two really had us on a roller coaster. But what did you expect on a show like Orphan Black? The end of the ride did give us a happy ending, though.

5. Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum and Marceline the Vampire Queen

The second animated couple on our list had us waiting 10 seasons for solid confirmation of their relationship. But it was worth it. We know the Adventure Time team fought for this one, and it shows. Seeds of their relationship were planted early and only continued to grow as the seasons passed. It was always the little things with these two. Between Marceline’s songs, Bonnibel sleeping in Marceline’s shirt, and the comments about their past it was obvious they were more than friends. No one could have expected such a complex look at a relationship on a show that makes fart jokes on the regular. But their story isn’t over yet! Adventure Time Distant Lands: Obsidian is set to premiere this year and it focuses on Bubbline. Having seen a sneak peek of one of Marceline’s upcoming songs at the Adventure Time Conic-Con panel, expect a lot of gay emotions.

4. Waverly Earp and Nicole Haught (Wynonna Earp)

“Wayhaught” ranks so high up on the list because they were mostly likely the reason the show was able to get a fourth season. Never doubt the power of lesbianism. That statement not only applies to the fans, but the couple too. And it was thanks to Nicole that Waverly realized she was a lesbian. The best part of it was, we didn’t have to wait 800 episodes for them to get together! But once they became a couple they had to face every demon, monstrosity, and curse the Ghost River Triangle had in store. They got through it, though. Every single time, they got through it. Their relationship only grew stronger as the seasons passed. And if we don’t get a Wayhaught wedding by the end of this season, expect a lot of angry lesbians.

3. Bette Porter and Tina Kennard (The L Word)

Bette and Tina

You can’t have one of these lists without at least one couple from The L Word. We must honor our past after all. But with all the mixing and matching, how you know which couple to choose? There was no need to stare at Alice’s Chart for hours trying to figure out who to add. It was always going to be Bette and Tina. They were the first and the last. No matter how many times they broke up, how many challenges they faced, they still ended up together in the end didn’t they? Let’s not forget about the daughter they raised together through it all. They are the couple you see in your head when you think of The L Word. But if these two came in at number three, who could possibly have more lesbian power?

2. Xena and Gabrielle (Xena: Warrior Princess)

Xena and Gabrielle

Xena and Gabrielle defied the gods, death, and time itself to be together. The network may have tried their best to keep them from becoming canon, but they were just too powerful. How many times did Xena defy the laws of physics for Gabrielle? How many times did Gabrielle say Xena was her soulmate? How many times did one of them walk through hell and back for the other? Remember when Xena gave Gabrielle a Sappho poem for her birthday? What about Xena saying Gabrielle was the father of her child? Do I need to go on? To this day they remain lesbian icons.

1. Anne Lister and Ann Walker (Gentleman Jack)

Oh, don’t act so surprised. It was always going to be these les-b-Annes. The tenderness alone makes me want to cry. Watching them was an absolute joy. They overcame hardships and got married, or as married as two women could be back in the day. Anne Lister was so unapologetically confident in her homosexuality. And Ann Walker was so sweet, she almost made your teeth hurt. But the main reason they’re number one is because they were a real couple. Aside from Anne Bonny, no other couple on this list were real people. So when you see the Ann/es have their happy ending, you know it happened for real. They reminded us that beautiful lesbian love isn’t just a fantasy. It can happen to you too!

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  1. Wow if I could hug u right now I would for Haruka and Michiru and another anime inclusion and Xena and Gab! Wow! Respect for u now because people forget about those iconic couples who started everything back in the day and are even nowadays symbols and loved around the world!

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