“Grey’s Anatomy” SnapCap (8.19): “Support System”

This week’s Grey’s Anatomy episode, “Support System,” should be renamed “Poor Cristina!”

AfterEllen Bait

Cristina and Owen rehash their tumultuous relationship in flashbacks while Callie and Arizona, with the help of Bailey, host a “Ladies’ Night” for the still-grieving Teddy. Ladies’ Night? I’m in! 

Callie has taught Meredith all she needs to know in order to ace the boards.

Callie says to Meredith, “You’re done. The Torres Method is inside you.” (I’m really struggling not to include a sexual aside here.)

Feelings, Feelings, Feelings!

Owen and Cristina call in sick with the flu, but they are actually at home fighting, again. Cristina demands a play by play of Owen’s affair.

Cristina says to Owen, “I want to know every detail. You want to fix this? I want to know what happened.”

Cristina thinks she wants to know all the details, but trust me she doesn’t. Owen’s one-time affair happened the day after they quit couple’s therapy. Owen met a woman at the hospital and after a night of drinking she threw herself at him. Owen claims he doesn’t even know the woman’s name, which catapults Cristina into a tailspin of tears.

Later Cristina locks herself in the bathroom. When Owen tries to break down the door Cristina opens it and he stumbles to the floor.  Cristina bursts out laughing, “I am supposed to be studying for my boards, the most important exam of my life and I’m locked in a bathroom crying because of a boy!” (This would never happen if she were a lesbian.)

After a day of back and forth, Cristina finally figures out the root of the affair. Owen is still upset about the abortion. (Dude, get over it!)

Cristina: You wanted to hurt me back. Oh my God, you wanted to hurt me back.

Owen decides the best thing to do is to pack a bag and leave.

Owen: I’ll always be in love with you. You’re the love of my life. I will never love another woman.

Cristina: “You don’t even remember her name.

Oh snap!

Since Meredith is Cristina’s person, she calls to check in on her.

Meredith: I just want to stay on the phone with you until you want to hang up. I’m here. I’m here.

Meredith is the best soulmate ever!

Whores & Gore

Bailey, Callie and Arizona all want to ditch the Ladies’ Night so they can go home and get their freak on (i.e. Bailey with Ben and Callie with Arizona) but Teddy’s excitement keeps the Ladies’ Night on track. Teddy shows up to Calzona’s place with a bottle of wine and the movies Beaches and Dirty Dancing. Sounds like a party to me!

Medical Mishaps

When Owen calls in with the flu, Mark takes over as chief. (We find out later that Owen actually requested Richard or Derek to fill in as chief, which makes much more sense.) Mark runs the hospital like a tyrant. Richard has a patient in need of multiple organs: small intestine, large intestine, stomach, pancreas, and liver and Mark kiboshes the surgery because the suitable donor has a lesion or tumor but it could be benign. The organs aren’t perfect and Mr. Plastic Surgery Mark Sloan doesn’t want to sign off on any surgeries that aren’t perfect.

Richard and Bailey go around Mark and perform the surgery anyway.

Richard says to Mark, “It won’t be pretty, but it will work and it will keep my patient alive. Stand down, Chief Sloan, stand down.”

In the end, Richard’s patient survives and Mark was actually a pretty decent chief of surgery. Well, just for the day.

The fifth-year residents gather in Meredith’s living room to study the “Grey Method” for the boards. Before they get started Cristina shows up to join the study group. Welcome home Cristina!

What did you think of this episode? Will Owen and Cristina get back together? Do you want the Torres Method inside of you?